National Guard fitness goals - any Guard Soldiers here? (Read 160 times)

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    Just out of curiosity, do you know what the equivalent requirements would be for a woman of the same age?  Give me some perspective on my own fitness.


    granite - you should be able to find the charts here: http://army.com/info/apft/basics

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      IMO (unscientific), if you randomly grabbed them off the streets, there would be more "reasonably fit" 39 year olds who could hit the push up and sit up thresholds than run the 18:18 two-mile.  To the general population, 2 miles is a long, long, long way to run.  Add to that, most do not know how to run 2 miles.


      I'm afraid you're overestimating the fitness of the general population of 39 year olds. Have you been to a 20-year high school reunion?


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        For pushups and situps, do them every day, not just a few days a week, the frequency will help you improve faster.  Also, I like to do pushups throughout the day, during commercial breaks if I'm watching tv, in the kitchen while waiting for something in the microwave, etc.  Like running, consistency is the key.  Good luck!


        ^^^^ Pretty much what I was going to say. Do short sets throughout the day if you can. Don't do long sets until your muscles fail. When it comes to taking the test, the best method is to do the pushups/situps quickly and knock out as many as you can before you start to fatigue. Then "rest" for a few seconds and do another burst of 3-4, repeat as many times as you can.


        Make sure you know the rules of what you can & can't do to "rest" during the test.


        faster than a glacier


          I'm afraid you're overestimating the fitness of the general population of 39 year olds. Have you been to a 20-year high school reunion?


          Most 39 year olds wouldn't be able to pass the PU and SU probably. But I bet the number would be MUCH higher than the number that could pass the run.

            I do some push-ups and sit-ups as part of my own exercises.  They get easier as I lose more weight.  Also, I try to strengthen in multiple directions.  Just something simple, I stand feet apart and hands on waist and do trunk bends (that's what they were called in the old days, don't know if they still are).  I count 1 (bend at waist to lean foward), 2 (bend at waist to lean to the right), 3 (bend back at waist to lean back), 4 (bend at waist to lean to the left), then 2, 2, 3, 4,  then 3, 2, 3, 4.  And so on up to 20, 2, 3, 4.  Then reverse direction and do the same thing again.  So 2 sets of 20.  Bend over quite a ways with each move (no sense in cheating yourself).  Takes maybe 5 minutes at most.  Do that every day, along with doing sit-ups.  Why?  I think (no real clue here) it will help build overall adominal strength which will hopefully make the sit-ups and push-ups easier.  Should help for running, too Smile


            Just an idea.


              I am currently applying to join the National Guard (as a chaplain), and I'm working both on my weight and on my fitness goals. Among other criteria, I have to hit certain fitness goals to enter - 34 push-ups in two minutes; 38 sit-ups in two minutes; 2 miles in 18:18. And, I have to get under 200 pounds (I'm currently in the 215 range, after being in the high 230s/low 240s over the summer).


              I'm using Weight Watchers to help with the weight loss, and it has been working pretty well for me.


              Sit-ups and push-ups - I'm starting again to do these exercises a few days/week to get better at them. I also have some freeweights and a power tower, to supplement work on my upper body and abs. I'm not very good at these workouts, and I don't enjoy them, so I tend to skimp on these exercises and just focus on the running, which I love. Of course, that plan won't help me hit my fitness targets to get into the Guard.


              The 2 mile is not an issue. I've got that by a longshot. I'm also training for a marathon, while I'm at it.


              If I am accepted into the Guard, I could enter the Basic Officer Leadership Course as early as this summer. Question, for any of you who have done BOLC or similar: Is it possible to come out of BOLC and do a marathon 2-3 months later? I'll surely be fit, but will I have the opportunity while at BOLC to go on long runs and train for a fall marathon?


              Second, any advice for hitting these fitness goals, apart from the simple advice of, "the best way to get better at sit-ups is to do sit-ups"?


              Thanks, all. Your insight, prayers, and words of wisdom will be much appreciated as I walk down this road toward service in the Guard.

              Hey that's really great as I have also started running about 2 miles every day to lose my weight and cellulite's. I am also doing cardio, workout and Ventouse Cellulite in my gym, which is helping me to reduce my weight faster than ever.