2013 Sub-19 5K (Read 1932 times)

    I've enjoyed reading the 2012 sub-20 thread, and I'm wondering if some of the graduat:es from that thread and others for whom sub-19 5K is a good goal would like to participate in a sub-19 thread for 2013?


    Personally, my training has been pretty hit or miss since last March, so I'm determined to put together a good schedule for the next couple of months and make a serious run at sub-19 early next year. My plan is to do a 5K on 12/22 to see where I am and get accurate training paces, then do a 12-14 week Daniels program, including adding more easy miles.


    I'm willing to maintain the thread if folks are interested.



    MTA: Here is everyone who's in so far:


    Age on 12/31/12 Been sub-19 Date 
    blargendarg 37 No 2/24/13 Polar Bear 5k  19:03
    Buelligan 50        
    Cecil57 57 Yes 1/26/13 Freeze Your Fanny 5K 18:50 
    Chris UK 62 No      
    ClevelandMark 45 No 12/23/12   DNS  -injured
    CliveF 49  Yes      
    Crazy Justin 32 No      
    csab 37 No      
    Dougal 12 44 Yes






    Dtothe2nd 38 No      
    Ives 49 No 1/12/13   19:11
    Jamezilla 29 No 2/23/13   19:56
    jeffdonahue   Yes      
    jEfFgObLuE   Yes      
    Joe_     3/2/13 Bockfest 5K  
    just devin 27 No      
    kpk33x 37 Yes      
    lagwagon 41 Yes      
    L2Run 49 Yes 10/12    
    markdaddio 48        
    McBen 36   May 2013    
    mnyce 31 Yes 1/1/13   22:14 (XC, 4th OA) 
    NeedACleverName 43 Yes 12/15/12   19:05 
    nickshawn 41 Yes      
    OMR 48   12/1/12   19:17 
    pr100 47 No 2/9/13   20:00
    rainmakerrc 35 No  1/21/13   19:25 
    ray doherty 40 Yes      
    rgilbert 28 No      
    setantae 36  No







    Shippers 27        
    Sir Diggby 41        
    stadjak 40 No 12/12/2012



    TechW   No*       
    youngoffender  27 Yes 2/9/13   19:55





      Yes! I'm in, and I'm really excited that you made this thread. This is my goal for 2013. I ran a 19:12 5k a couple of weeks ago and I'm hoping to get as close to 18 flat as possible by the end of next year. 


      I, too, am probably going to start one of Daniels' plans at some point. Right now I'm in a base phase, I guess, just logging miles with a couple of low-key fartlek or tempo sessions per week. Trying to maintain mileage at 50. I actually have a secondary goal of running a PR half in March (so, under 1:30:40), so I will do some half-specific training starting in January. I will probably race a 5k at some point during the training to see where I am, then focus on sub-19 fully after the half. 

        I'm in.  I'm hoping to get down to the 18:30s to 18:50s or so in the next year.


        Aside from two main derailments (July, recovering from an ultra/injury, and September, recovering from a surgery with a secondary infection), I've had a pretty solid year.  I do mostly HR training, and based on that think I'll able to PR significantly at my next 5K.  


        My training is going to focus on getting out there every day with an emphasis on 30 - 90 minute easy-effort runs, mostly.  I spent too much of my first year as a running trying to go long.  It's time to build the runner's body properly now.  I'm also going to try to race more and use that as feedback.


        Great idea, Mark.

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          I guess this is the right place for me, so hello to all.

          I already have run two sub-19:00 5ks this year, and will be shooting for something along the lines of 18:15-18:20 at some point in 2013. Not sure when I'll do an actual 5k training cycle though.

            In. PR is 19:57. 2013, for me, is the year of the 5K.  Would like to get down into the low 18s. 



              Count me in.  I went sub-20 twice in Spring/Summer 2012 in the course of a basebuilding/marathon training cycle, and I think I have a good shot at making some progress towards this goal once I switch focus to shorter distances sometime in the Spring (after another Pfitz cycle and marathon #2 in early 2013).


                My 5k PR came in October at 19:31.

                  I usually just lurk these things, but I might as well stop hiding.  Had a pretty good year in 2012 with just two 5ks.  I suspect if I run a few more of these things, I'll figure out how to do it right.  PR is 19:20.

                    I am in. I got down to 19:30 this year and seem to be hovering in the 19:30->19:45 area (I do 5ks pretty often). 19 is the obvious target to go for. I think I should be able to get there with a bit of weight loss. I could also try doing 5000m on the track which should be good for at least a few seconds improvement Smile

                      Count me in as well. I don't race shorter distances much, but I ran sub 20 5Ks this year (a 19:29 in April and a 19:46 last week). It's time to get back to 18:something. 

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                          I'll play.  I've been wanting to make a serious attempt at bettering my 19:16 PR for some time but I keep getting derailed by, well... life.  I'm really curious to see what training plans everyone will be using.  I've never really had a plan before, I was just winging it.


                          Before my advancing age intersects with my decreasing athletic potential, I'd like to see how far I can take this thing. 


                          I'm one of those RWOL refugees, btw... glad to be here.


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                            I hit a PR of 19:07 last year...I'm in.  (As long as being in only requires that I say I'm in, which I already did, and running a sub 19, which I am currently working for).  Oh, I am also a RW refugee...thank you everyone from RA who is dealing with the migration...this place is great.

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                              MTA: Here is everyone who's in so far:


                              Oh, crap... I'm on the list.  Now I'm really gonna have to do this.

                                I'm in.  I remember running a time like this but now I have some stupid arthritis/bone spur issues going on in my right foot.  Yesterday a doctor who is familiar with runners, said I'm not ready for retirement yet.