Running Course Name vs. Map (Read 584 times)

    When entering a new run, it would be helpful if you can change a name without providing a map. If I run a race once (and do not plan on running it again) then I do not want to map the route. I also would like to view my races in the workout section without many of them listing as random route (for those I decided not to map out). What do you think?
      I think it's a bit awkward from a user point-of-view that you have to create a course *first* before you can enter a run. It would be nice if you could either access the create-a-course page from the run entry window (perhaps as a pop-up?) or if "new course" was a selection you could make and then the site would automatically take you over to a create-a-course page after you were done putting in your other data... the site could then fill in the distance/name automaitcally. Doyle - you can put it in as "random" to start and then go back and change it when you get around to creating a course later. You can also create a course without actually mapping the route. I do this with my trail runs - I have a distance from the park headquarters, so all I'm using is the name of the trail. Hope this helps!

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