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    So, I have been training for cross country for the past 6 weeks and trying to adhere to the running schedule our coach provided for us; unfortunately I have missed too many days and I realized how ridiculously out of shape I am ( even though a few days ago I was sure I was race ready). I have 4 weeks until sports precamp begins and that much time to get ready for my first time trial and up to my coaches standards. Can anyone help me on how to get into good mileage and up to a fitness level I am ready for in four weeks without injuring myself? I just dont think the plan my cocah gave up will work for me at this point

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      If you were to go on an easy run, how long can you run for (time not distance)? You'll want to focus on developing that endurance base, so LSD (long slow distances) will be your focus. Throwing in some hills or inclines on the treadmill would definitely be an added bonus! Good Luck!
        CoachC is right. Don't panic. The main thing at this point is getting in the habit of running every day. Don't try to get all your fitness back in one week by pushing too hard or running too far--but if you run consistently over the next four weeks, you may surprise yourself and your coach when you report to camp. It's not too late!