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    Its 2019 in Kiwiland, so we wont hear from our friends for a while Smile


    Happy New Year everyone.


    Jmac: amazing how many injuries you sustain on your feet. You had something stuck in there earlier this year then the cut and lastly the PTT. Better luck next year, boss Wink


    Me: I have ended the year with a 12k run nice and slow. I have misplaced my watch so I used the app and it counted the time alright but ended at 5.8km Sad I hope I find the watch at some stage.


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      2018 - Year in Review


      Looking back over my year tells a story of almost but not quite.  I started the year recovering from a calf niggle, although a more serious one than I've had recently.  In fact, on January 1 I was just beginning my comeback but was still only doing jog + walk.  By January 15 I was doing intervals, but without much of a base.  This seemed to come into play in the first race of the year Auckland Waterfront Half-Marathon where all my build up speed workouts had been great but I was a little nervous about the lack of base.  I hit 10km on target before things went from bad to worse to disaster with me lying on a bank at 15km.  I limped my way home in 1:38.


      From there I tried to lay a bigger base which I did successfully and 5 weeks out from the South Island Half-Marathon I was feeling great and definitely confident of a sub 90.  Then I got another calf niggle, then I got sick 2 weeks out and only decided to do the race 3 days out.  I ran with no pressure or expectations and finished in 1:32 which was way better than I would have predicted.


      From there I targeted several races with each leading to calf niggles and not racing.  I've not had any serious injuries but enough to stop me getting where I want to be.


      Total km:  2,308.67 km


      Obviously this doesn't include cross training on the bike or with weights.


      For perspective, my 2017 total was 2,291.61 km in another year that was interrupted several times.  In 2016 when I ran my current PB of 1:29.25, the total was 2,796.60 km.  So that tells the story.  Even in 2016 I had some niggles but not until the end of the year - the build up to the race that year was perfect.


      So what for 2019?  I am miles ahead of where I was this time last year.  I'm returning to Auckland for the water-front race in 3.5 months.  At the moment I've just been doing easy paced runs because I've been feeling quite sore but I'll need to add some workouts now, unfortunately at the hottest time of the year.  I'm doing much more stretching and rolling, and will try to slow down a bit on my easy runs to hopefully avoid anymore niggles.


      This is a great community, let's keep it going!

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        Steve good stuff. I think you can run some new PBs this year.


        Mark thanks for running this thread this year.


        Mick yeah I partied bed at 10pm up at 5.30 am and out the door running 


        Jmac sit back get fat and relax . Hope you heal up soon.


        I've got a good case of DOMS from my longrun workout on Sunday but managed around 12 miles today. I was going to run down to Mount Maunganui and back to check all the new years carnage but it was too risky given my legs were so sore. So I ended up doing safe laps near home. I finally broke through the 10 min mile barrier after around 6 miles  and loosened up after that.

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          JMac - doh!! Hope this doesn't mess with your Boston prep too much.


          Steve - great to have you join in as such a consistent poster this year and you will be much better in 2019 having laid the platform in 2018.  Look forward to catching up at Waterfront HM.


          Piwi - nice work, I was up and at it early too, really rewarding to get a sunrise run in on New Years Day.  My coach decided to set me a long-ish run with hill repeats right at the end, that was a fun start to the year.  I actually quite enjoyed it to be honest.

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            Matt JMac hope you both get over your injuries soon and can get back on track with your training I am looking forward to seeing how you do in Boston

            Steve nice year even though it may not have been all you expected, I hope you get over the calf issues soon and 2019 brings much more success.

            Mick I hope you find your watch soon!

            Mark Piwi nice job getting out on New years day!


            Happy new year everyone!


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