Reminder - Ryan Shay Memorial Run (Read 1316 times)

    Mission accomplished. 1 mile short of 6 x 5.5. I tried to get the announcer to remind everyone running Ultracentric today about the 5.5 tribute - but he couldn't hear me and I got tired of repeating myself. I did talk to several runners today and got a couple "oh yeah - i forgot about that - and they said they would dedicate some of their miles to Ryan.

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      Done. The local group of 3-6 was 20 strong this morning!
      not only was it 20 strong... most were wearing Notre Dame track jerseys or ND garb. The group was running 7:00 pace for most of the run which I know was a bit fast for some in the group... for Ryan. Then the run ended at exactly 5.5 we all stood in a circle and Mishka told us all a few Ryan Shay stories. This was a run that I will always remember and I will continue to think of the Shay family over the holidays... It's going to be tough for them.
      Runners around the state are getting better today ...are you one of them? TRAIN HARD

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        Bah, I missed this article until this morning. So I did it today. Thanks Mishka for the heads up!

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          I've got no access to internet except at work now, so I didn't get to check in yesterday morn... I ran 5.5 exactly yesterday and ran the last mile as hard as I could run it (it avg'd out to a 7:07 mile, which kind of disappointed me, guess I must not have eaten my Wheaties)... Anyway, wanted to pitch in my 5.5 as well...
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            I did about 5.8 today. I've got some sort of mild chest cold, but I HTFUd and got out there. I thought a lot about the loss that Ryan's family is experiencing as I ran in the chilly MI air...conditions that Ryan ran in for years. k

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              5.5 miles barefoot on the beach in Mexico. What a run. Maybe the best all year.

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                5.5 miles barefoot on the beach in Mexico. What a run. Maybe the best all year.
                Sounds good to me. Wish I could be there!

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                  I did my 5.5 on Saturday. I tried to organize it as a group run for my local club, but nobody showed but me. I ran it as a tempo run, and it went well. I thought of Ryan, and thought of the Notre Dame Alma Mater. By the end of the run, though, the last line changed to And our hearts forever, love thee, Ryan Shay!

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