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     Would possibly even be willing to pay a fee...


    To be frank, 'would possibly' does not justify a development effort which is likely in the multiple tens of thousands of $ worth of time from the site's developer. Show him how it helps his business and it could get more attention.


    However, I do not in any form represent the owner's perspective or his site development priorities.

    Acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.


      Any updates? This is a good idea. With this feature, you no longer have to give your email and password to your coach. It would be nice if he can also leave comments on how your performance is going and some suggestions.

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        is this idea dead?

          I have used running ahead  for years, and have always loved it. I still work with my college coach and one of the biggest struggles in our interactions is finding a good way to plan my training. We belong to a User group together, but most of the information is one way. He can see my runs after they are done, but he cannot change the plan from there. We have looked at other services that provide this, like training peaks and final surge, where he can have a coaching account with athletes, but they are way more lacking in the "log aspects" that we love with running ahead. I understand this has been a back burner item for awhile, but I think it is a way to drive subscriptions. I know personally my coach and I would pay for this feature. Final surge has a cost break down by linked athletes, which I think makes sense.