Reporting Bug? (Read 230 times)


    I think I have an issue with reporting (forgive me if this has been reported before - I searched the forums but did not see much about this):


    I have two reports which *should* cover the same time period ("Last Week Duration (Summary)" and "Duration (30MAY-05JUN) Summary"); both should cover the same time period, but I noticed that the results are different. The only difference in the search is that "Last Week Duration (Summary)" uses the default "Last Week" time period, while "Duration (30MAY-05JUN) Summary" uses a custom period that specifies the same time period.


    The difference between the two reports is 2:18:48, which is exactly the time of my run on 30MAY. It seems to me that the built in "Last Week" time period is ignoring workouts that lie on the cusp.


    Of course, it is entirely possible that I am doing something wrong; I am an idiot like that sometimes.


      This is a bug.  The time ranges (including "last week") are relative to the current time.  I forgot to remove the time of day component before the calculation.  As a result, some workouts are excluded.  This will be fixed with the next update.


      eric : )