bluetooth or other headphones? (Read 841 times)

joe reed

    anyone have any recommendations of headphones to use when listening to tunes when running? all that i've used tend to work themselves off after a while. The best have been the origionals supplied with my old nokia 5140. Confused
      I use these Sony over the ear type - the aren't the "bud" type, and they put the sound to front of the ear only. I like this because it seems safer to me hear outside noises (like cars or mountain lions). I don't even notice them once I start running, and they have never bounced off. They sometimes pull slightly out of the ear, but I just have to push them slightly back in. Cheap - at about 10-$15. I've bought several pairs - in several colors from neon green to black. I've got them at Longs Drugs, Target, and Best Buy. Shocked http://www.millionbuy.com/snymdrj10.html
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        I've used wireless Plantronics Backbeat 903 since around December. They clip over the ear and are very adjustable and comfy. Provided I get them on right in the first place, they stay put for me. I like the fact that I can control the music (in a limited way) from the right earbud. Some of the reviews I read when I first got them said they didn't hold up well to sweat, but I can't imagine anyone sweating more than me, and they haven't died on me yet. They also work in conversation, though they're a bit awkward for that. On the downside, you do need to charge them after every run, or they will die. I keep a wired pair around for "oops I forgot to plug them in" emergencies, but I would never want to go back to them full time. Cool 


        Edit 7/2... the sweat finally did them in. :-( I am not sure what to get now.