1st Half Marathon! (Read 503 times)

    I ran my first half marathon this morning! and I am officially hooked! My unofficial time was 2:00:11, I'm thinking it will be sub 2 when the chip time comes in because I started pretty near the middle of the herd of 2500 people. I definitely learned some things, and am just so excited I got to experience such a great race. I am so ready to run another one, and to start training for the full! Running is awesome!
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      Congratulations!! That's a great time. How do you feel?


        Congrats!!! Sounds l;ike it was a great experience for you!
          Good for you - that's great!
            Way to go!

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              You'll ruin your knees!

                Sweet! Nice way to start out! Congrats, Lynn B

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                  Great first race!

                    Congrats on you first half. I like your enthusiasm. I think you'll love the full...
                      thanks everyone! I just loved that I was able to have a good experience for my first one. I was honestly afraid I would end up hating it, but that was luckily not the case.
                      running is my prozac

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                        Sub 2 for a first...that is fantastic! I've done 3 HMs, now...my goal is sub 2 (gotta drop 4 minutes)! I love that distance, too. I plan to do a full next Fall, but I have a feeling that the half will still be my favorite...it's just perfect! Smile k

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                          Congratulations - great time for your first 1/2M!!

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                            Nice work! It gets very addicting...considering yourself warned... :-D

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                              Congratulations! Great first race! Big grin

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