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    Any Mac users out there had luck with Motion Based and uploading their workouts to the website? I have a PC desktop and MacBook Pro laptop and much prefer the Mac for the fact it is nice to use it while watching TV etc and not having to go down a flight to the home office. But, although I can transfer workouts to the Mac and the lame Garmin Training Center software, I have not had luck with Motion Based. I can use the PC for this but would rather not. thanks D

      I found Motionbased somewhat wonky myself. I use a standalone program called Ascent. http://www.montebellosoftware.com/ It stands up to SportTracks pretty well, IMO. It doesn't upload to the Forerunner, so you will need to keep GTC around for that. I really do like it and the developer does a great job interacting with users via the forum. They have a free trial, take a look and see if it's something you'd be interested in. hup

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        There is a Mac client, if that's what you're wondering...I forget what it's called, but I found a link to the download on the MB forums. So far works pretty well.

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          It is the Garmin Communicator. Get info here: http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/ This is a free download. With this download you can interface with motionbased using your Mac and any browser.