2013 New York City Marathon Thread (Read 600 times)

flatland mountaineer

     Finished in 4:10 which is about 11 minutes off my best.

    But the race itself was an incredible experience. From the number of runners +50,000 , to the number of screaming spectators( millions) it was deafening at times. I wish I could blame the wind more, but I think it was at our sides most of the time.

    What a day. The whole city of New York felt like a huge small town.



    Congrats Joe, even though not your best time it had to feel good after being trained up for it last year and not getting to compete.


    Congrats to all the other competitors and finishers as well..

    The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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      Don't know if Joy Johnson has been brought up yet.  But, if you haven't seen this, you should.


      I haven't followed this thread, and apologize if its been linked before.

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        I spectated on Sunday. Ran in 2011. A note about the wind. In 2011, the wind was from the South. It was probably the best weather day you could ever have for NYC. (Why Mutai set the course record in 2:05). You guys have the wind basically in the opposite direction. That was the difference. The wind was the same speed, direction was different.

           TakeAHike, if you tell people racing with me will leave you physically and emotionally drained, no one's gonna want to run with me next timeWink



          Hah! Well not if they read your RR or mine.  It was a blast to run with you.  And the part about being physically and emotionally drained; isn't that how ts supposed to feel after a marathon?

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            I finished. It was my 4th, but first since 2009. My time was 5:49, not a PR. Not even a Pamela Anderson. What I am most proud of was that my 26th mile was my second fastest mile of the marathon.  I did it in  about 10:55. Only the downhill on the VN was faster. My garmin battery gave up earlier in the race. I thought I had a chance at a PR, so I cranked out the last mile.


            My favorite miles of the race were the first on the VN, mile 16 on 1st ave and the last mile.  Crowds were great. NYC ROCKS.