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    If everyone could take a minute to check out a video my friends and I put together we think some people might enjoy it. 




    It is a series of eating and running events combined into an epic competition 

    an amazing likeness

      If you check this one out...video on youtube...


      You'll see the woman runner who finished 10th (first American woman) from Boston Marathon 2012 - The Hot Edition, right about the 6:40 mark scoffing down the ice cream.



      Brunswick Fast Food challenge....


      Starting at Pizza Hut, 238 Bath Rd., Cooks Corner, Brunswick, Maine (parking at adjacent Wal-Mart parking lot)

      Course Map


      What We're Gonna Eat

      1. Pizza Hut, 0.0 mi.


      One slice of a medium pepperoni pan pizza (250 calories)

      2. Wendy's, 0.1 mi.


      5-piece chicken nuggets (250 calories)

      3. McDonald's, 0.5 mi.


      Small french fries (250 calories)

      4. Taco Bell, 0.6 mi.


      One beef soft taco (200 calories)

      5. Burger King, 0.8 mi.


      Value-sized onion rings (150 calories)

      6. Fat Boy Drive-In, 1.6 mi.


      The Whoper Burger! (800 calories)

      7. Cold Stone Creamery, 2.5 mi. (final stop)


      "Like It"-sized chocolate or vanilla ice cream in a dish (400 calories)

      "Penalty Lap"

      If anyone is caught throwing up during the race, they'll have to wash down their ice cream with a Twinkie in order to finish!


      All finishers will receive a limited-edition "2010 Brunswick Fast Food Challenge" t-shirt. And yes, you can use it to wipe the vomit from your face if you need to.


      The cost for the race (to cover food and t-shirts) is $20, payable as cash-only on the day of the race. Cash is needed so volunteers can ride ahead to the stops and purchase food so that it's ready ahead of the arriving runners.

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