Strengthening "Stuff" (Read 875 times)

    I would recommend a routine that goes after several areas rather than just one.  I've been on a core strength training regimen for a month or two now.  Mostly as a result of injury (ITBS) that forced me to re-evaluate where I was as a runner.  Look at my log and you can see what I do for core strength.  There are others listed as PT exercises that are specific to focusing on my ITBS.  My PT guy keeps adjusting my core strength work to get simple exercises moved to things more complex and only a couple weeks ago added stuff with a little bit of weight.


    Take what you want from the routine and mostly what you have time for.  It takes me about 70 minutes to plow through the routing with my PT.  Message me directly if you have specific questions as I can never seem to follow these forums after they slip off the home page.


    Good luck, I think adding core work is perfect.

      Two excellent core exercise are walking lunges (add a twist too) and standing squats. To make squats harder, go slower and or pause at the bottom, pulse at the bottom, don't go all the way up. Also as you squat up, raise your arms overhead. You can also do squats using a Swiss Ball against the wall. Awesome and no weights needed. Most of your body is working as is your METABOLISM!!!!

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