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    I'm taking my son to New York for a weekend in a couple of weeks (Nov 1-3).   He isn't interested in theater, opera, interesting food or art, all things I could do with my other two kids.  We are going to see Stomp, the Statue of Liberty (unless the gub'mint is still closed down), and the Museum of Natural History (because what is a trip with your mom if you don't do at least one boring thing?)  I see that the ice skating at Bryant Park will open on the weekend we're there.  Any other ideas for something to do with an almost 10 year old who would rather run around outside than eat or sleep?


    I figure good bagels, hot dogs, a slice of pie, and a pastrami sandwich at Katz Deli are all NYC food experiences that he will enjoy.    Any other places for quintessentially New York City food he would like?  (He doesn't really care about food as an experience -- no fancy restaurants -- but he eats lots of interesting food -- we're not confined to chicken nuggets and plain pasta).

      USS Intrepid. http://www.intrepidmuseum.org/


      My 7 yo son loved it. He has the aircraft carrier poster in his room to prove it.

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        My kids enjoyed the view from the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center (buy tickets in advance to avoid waiting).  I think your son will like the Museum of Natural History, but you will need to plan your visit a bit.  The place is huge.  You can spend a few hours there and miss the places that interest him the most.  Maybe spend some time with him on their website and plan together.  The marathon is that weekend.  If you time it right, you could find a spot to watch the elites run by.

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          USS Intrepid. http://www.intrepidmuseum.org/


          My 7 yo son loved it. He has the aircraft carrier poster in his room to prove it.


          I was going to suggest the same but couldn't remember what it was called. My seven year old also loved it.


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              Chinatown (buy nunchucks!  that was the highlight of my trip when I was his age).  Little Italy (food food food).


              Stop by Washington Sq Park (not too far from Little Italy) and MacDougal Str (next to each other, near NYU) to see bums playing speed chess (former) or old geezers staring at a board (chess shop of the latter).  Also, two streets over are kafti rolls (Indian burritos -- very tasty and cheap).


              I'd say central park, but it's going to be a zoo.


              Battery Park is nice: you'll be there for the Statue of Liberty boat.  Make sure to see the naval/coast guard water statue of the guys on a sinking ship.  The waves reenact the chaos off the event and really give it some energy.


              Of course, there's the pit near there: ground-0.


              Walking across the Brooklyn bridge isn't too far from that either.

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                Staten Island Ferry!


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                  Since he likes running around outside, I was going to suggest running around outside. Wink Central Park is really great to explore -- the Zoo, the Ramble, rock scrambling, boat rental, the castle, etc etc.  Then there's Riverside Park, the High Line, walking the Brooklyn Bridge . . . .  Being reminded that the marathon is that weekend does make that a bit harder -- although, really, just the Central Park part of it.

                    In addition to the suggestions above, he would probably enjoy a visit to FAO Schwartz, the store with the giant piano keys you can jump around on  (from the movie "Big").

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                      He might really like the Museum of Natural History. The dinosaur halls are amazing and the life-size whale is impressive. That should be enough -- we've taken 3 kids to NYC museums for many years and we found that the trick is not to stay too long at any one time.


                      The Bronx Zoo is definitely worth a trip. A little farther away from downtown, but some really great exhibits; the new Madagascar exhibit (with all kinds of lemurs) and the Congo exhibit where you can see many gorillas up close and personal are amazing.


                      In addition to the Intrepid, there are several big ships to explore at the South Street Seaport which my kids liked.


                      And all kids love the Times Square Toys R Us store -- it has this dinosaur statue (plus 4 floors of toys):



                      Toys R Us Times Square

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                        Central Park is really great to explore -- the Zoo, the Ramble, rock scrambling, boat rental, the castle, etc etc.  



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                          Thanks everyone!  Multiple in real life people have mentioned the rock scrambling on Central Park.  Since my son's abdominal muscle tear from his last accident has mostly healed, I think we should be ready for rock scrambles.  : )


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                            For food, Two Boots pizza rocks. They have Cajun inspired pizza by the slice.





                              Take him to Queens so he understands the importance of staying in school.  Big grin

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                                Better do Central Park on Saturday. Better yet, you can cheer for us as we cross the finish line on Sunday!