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    I am starting my training for the Chicago Marathon.  I was going to use Don Fink's book IronFit, Marathon's after 40, but I'm thinking about the Nike plan for the race.  I'm confused by the description of Progression Runs that described as 3-7 Miles.  I don't get it. Do at least 3 miles, but no more than 7?  For the 18 weeks of training, Mondays are always 3-7 Miles, and Fridays are always 2-5 Miles.  Usually a training plan is more rigid than that.  Any help would be appreciated.





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      The BAA plans for Boston do the same thing. It can be nice to have some flexibility, instead of a rigid schedule. You have the choice of running on the low end if you're feeling more tired or on the high end if you want more of a challenge. Take it week by week and do what feels right at the time.


        Ok.  Thanks!

        "There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people." - Bill Bowerman


          Think of these runs as starting easy and then if feeling good gradually increasing the pace to tempo and finishing strong. These runs should not be exhausting.

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            I am not familiar with that plan, but if i understand your question correctly, you are asking how many miles to run them since the range is rather broad. Mileage is really important in preparing for a marathon. I'd start your plan on a level you can handle and build mileage progressively each week from there until you max out your weekly mileage about a month out from the marathon. That would be a customary way to approach a marathon training plan, and unless Don Fink lays out some different strategy in his book, i would approach it that way. Building the endurance to handle high mileage is just critical in marathon preparation.