Shoes for Sale (Altra Lone Peak, $50) (Read 632 times)

    One of my buddies heard me raving about my Altra Instincts enough that he went out and bought a pair of their trail running shoes, the Lone Peak. Unfortunately, after 30 or so miles into them, he decided they weren't for him--and decided to stick with cycling more than running.  He's more of a comfortable heel striker who doesn't want to change that, too.  The Lone Peak is a zero-drop, so it's not for heel strikers. 


    He asked if I wanted them...and I would have gladly taken them off his hands if they would have fit me.  I'm a 10.5 in Altras, and these are a 11.


    Rather than eBay, I thought I'd post a "for sale" sign here on his behalf (seems like the right crowd, and someone could get a cheap pair of shoes out of it).  They go for $110 on RunningWarehouse, I'm asking $50+shipping.  I've attached a couple pictures to the post (dog legs appear in photos but not included--she just insists on laying by running shoes, thinking she'll make sure she gets to run that way) to show the condition they're in.  I can (and have) speak to the build quality of Altras--my Instincts have 500+ miles on them and are cruising strong (they're in my equipment log).  Altras fit a little small.  The 11s are probably the right size for someone who normally wears a 10.5.  They do, however, have a fantastically wide, roomy toe box.  They're also zero-drop with a nice amount of cushioning. 


    PM me or post here if you're interested and we can work out the details + shipping costs.  Thanks!


    Image One


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      Wrong size damnit. I have tried these on, but have not run in them. I liked them quite a bit.



        Tell me you still have these! Size 11? If so, I'm SO game.