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    This happened to me yesterday. Felt pretty gross with food sloshing around in my stomach even after a couple of hours. I didn't think this would happen again after going through that a couple of times in my first year of running. I've come to the conclusion that eating smaller meals is best and still allowing the 2 hours for digestion.

      At least 2 hours for me and 3 hours is even better....


      My son can eat and then go out for a run (I honestly don't understand it) but I've seen him do it enough times to know he does it...

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        In the mornings, I run on an empty stomach.  I prefer this.


        If I'm running 2 hours or more, I might have a snack first.


        If life gets busy, I might eat and then immediately run.  Last night, I got home to visit my family.  Then had to pick up my father ~30 miles away, as he was having car issues.  I was starving, so I ate half a pizza...then ran.  The first mile felt a little gross, but it wasn't all that bad.


        I am told I have a cast-iron stomach, though.

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          AussieGirl, hello? - Still out there?  Did you survive?

          I think this should make us re-think the "eat and run" thing... Clown

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            It all depends on the time of day and how much i have eaten.


            In training i can wake up and run for a few hours w/o eating anything. I guess this method helps your body to use the fat or something first before something or another.

            I'll use this method more int he summer since i like to get out and run as early as possible. Normally i am on the road at 5-5:30 am and be back by 7-8 am. Then i'll eat.


            In the months where i have to wait until it gets light out, i can eat a bowl of cereal and then run within 30-45 minutes with no ill effects.


            If i run later in the day sometimes i have to wait 4-5 hours esp. if i had a larger meal. Sometimes the acid will come up if i burp and it does not feel good.  I really don't like running on a full stomach but sometimes i can't avoid it.


            During the week on my running days, i'll have a larger lunch at 11:30 and then have a snack later and then run around 6 pm, i am fine.

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