Anyone dye their shoes? (Read 1190 times)

    Here is the result of my shoe color change:


      That looks sweet, Derek. I may have to do that to some of my boring NBs.

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        Oooh...Derek, that's cool! Everyone with 1061s is gonna be looking at those like "hey, how'd he get that color combo?! Sweet!" Big grin k

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          Here is the result of my shoe color change: I actually colored a pair using fabric dye markers. It allowed me to color in just the parts I wanted. It has worked out well and so far, the color hasn't run or rubbed off on anything like the laces.
          Derek, nice job staying between the lines Wink looks better than I thought it would - I may try that too Cool

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            wow - those look fantastic Big grin I am now trying out NB 1061s in my quest for a running shoe that works for me...
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              I wear this shoe: Why would I ever want to dye it?
              Me too--except mine are dead now. Cry

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