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    After entering my race data from yesterday I thought of two features that I think would be useful. Sorry Eric, I know you already have enough on your plate already, but these could be things to add in the future if people are interested. First, I'd like a field somewhere that is a link to the actual race results. For instance a field that says "race results", the data I put in is the URL to the actual results, and then when displayed in the log it is a hyperlink. Often times I like to go back and just look through the results of old races that I've run and it'd be useful to have the link somewhere in my running log rather than going to search for it on the web. Second, I think it'd be useful to have cumulative time (split time) as a column in the intervals section. So, the columns would go something like this: type, distance, time, pace, split time, Avg hr, max hr, notes. The split time column would be automatically calculated based on the interval "time" column. The reason I got thinking about this was because while reviewing my split times for my half marathon yesterday I noticed that I went through the 10 mile mark faster than my fastest 10 mile race, however I wouldn't have noticed this in my running log because it can only display the per interval times. I think it'd be useful to be able to actualy see the split times when entering race interval data. Not sure if this makes any sense, if not, let me know and I'll try to explain better. What do other people think? Matt
      Matt, I think these are good suggestions and I'll have them added ASAP. eric Smile

      The Floor Walker

        Wow! I just noticed that you already have these features up and running. I wasn't expecting this that fast!! I think that these will be very useful. Thanks a bunch.
          No problem Matt. They were very easy to add and took no time at all. I didn't test it too much, so let me know if everything's ok.

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            No problem Matt. They were very easy to add and took no time at all. I didn't test it too much, so let me know if everything's ok.
            Bravo! I was just going to suggest the addition of split times, and what do you know, it's already there! My only reservation is that it doesn't work with Safari (the Intervals...name drop-down menu does not appear as a menu). No biggie, it works fine in Firefox. Thanks again!

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