One more tapering thread (Read 80 times)


    I am training for my first HM.
    Right now I run 6 days a week most of the weeks: an hour(~6 miles) on TM on weekdays and three hours(~16 miles) on trails on Saturdays. Have been running for 40s miles a week for last couple of months.
    On the weeks when I am not able to do long runs, I try to run little longer during other runs trying to get 40s weekly mileage
    Once a week I work on my speed. During my last long run, I ran last 4 miles at higher effort and planning to do it for last 5-6 miles during my next long runs


    Race is on March 30th.
    I won’t able to run on the weekend of (Fri, Sat & Sun – March 15, 16 & 17th). So I will be running only around 30s miles (four runs around 8 miles each) for that week. So it won’t be possible to have long run during this week.


    That will leave me with two weeks including one weekend before the race.
    How should I plan my runs during these two weeks?
    Should I have a 16 miler a week before the race? If no, how long should be the long run? Should I run hard for last 6-7 miles during this long run?


    I understand that mileage should be cut down 7-10 days before the race. How much mileage should be cut down?


    What about speed work? Should I do more speed work? If yes, how many? How long these speed works should be?


    I understand that we are different and what work for one might not work for other. But would love to hear about your experience and advice.

      Well, since no one else has responded, I'll jump in.  You've got a lot of stuff laid out, but it looks to me like you're overthinking it.  Based on your current training and fitness, I think you have no worries, other than avoiding injury.  That's plenty of weekly mileage, you have some speed work, you have long runs.  If it were me, I would not run sixteen a week before the race.  Maybe ten, no more.  In fact, the one sixteen you did two days ago is plenty.  Now, just run consistently, then during the final week, lighten up to, say, 5, 4, 2, 2, and 1 mile easy runs.  You'll do fine. Probably better than fine!

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        I've always read that your last hard workout should be 10 days prior to the race.  With that said I wouldn't schedule in a hard workout 10 days before the race just to do it.


        After that, just easy miles from there in.  Several recent discussions recommend not to take the day before the race completely off.  If you want to take a complete rest day, do it 2 days before the race, but get a few easy miles in the day before the race.


        My last week of my Hanson training plan before the marathon is like this:


        10 days out - 13 miles - 10 at MP.  (last hard workout before the race). Then 7, 8, 8 to finish that week out all easy.


        Week of the race is 6, 5, rest, 6, 6, 3, Race.


        I'll be around the 60 mpw range when I hit that taper so you might want to reduce those mileages a bit, although many will say that a taper isn't as important to a half marathon as it is to a full.


        Like ledlincoln said, don't overthink it.  Get some easy miles in but don't overdo it.

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          TedLincoln is pretty much right on with his advice.  Don't overthink, and don't do sixteen the week before.


          If it were me I wouldn't run at all the day before, but then that is me.


          Stick to what you've been doing and rock your half.


            Thanks for your replies. It helped. I might do something like 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 & will make sure not to do any hard workout 10 days before the race. I still am debating if I should be running a day before the race or not. If at all I run, I won’t run more than 15 minutes. Also I will for sure not run a 16 miler a week before the race. May be I will run for 90 minutes or so and that will be easy miles as well.


            npaden - I started running at 153 bpm instead on 159 bpm for my easy runs after seeing your response regarding heart rate and to my surprise I am not running slower! I might go lesser than 153 bpm, but don't want to make that change before I complete the race.