Strava Boston Marathon email (Read 83 times)


    Anyone here use Strava (it's fun, you need a GPS).


    I got this odd email from them (below).  Weird. But hey, free socks!   I assume the found me by searching strava for anyone with an account who's GPS registered 26.2 (or, for some people, much of that distance) on April 15th.  


    You've accomplished something great and we want to acknowledge that feat with a gift from Strava. 


    Those of you who were aware of our post-race party know that we were planning on showering you with gifts (well, compression socks to be specific).  We'd still like to give you your present and have decided to send all Strava Boston Marathoners a pair of our super cool, custom compression socks.


    Please fill out this form so we can collect your address, size and a few optional questions about your race.  


    We're so proud of you for many reasons, especially in light of everything that occurred.  We know that for reasons you didn't intend that you will never forget the 2013 Boston Marathon.  This is a small token of our praise and appreciation of you as a Strava athlete.  


    Cheers and congrats again!


    The Strava Team

    HTFU?  Why not!

    USATF Coach