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    This is actually my first post! I ran Broad Street last year off of very little training(although I had recently dropped 30 pounds) where the first 5 miles I felt like I was gliding and the second 5 felt like a death march. I even got passed in the end by a girl dressed as a dunkin donuts coffee cup!!! Ridiculously positive splits were ran and I finished in just under 78 minutes... Fast forward almost a year...I am excited to crush this time; I've done a few long(16 miles +) runs and am doing a bunch of lactate threshhold work. Due to the birth of my baby boy I'm not runnin as much as I would like, but what can you do. Getting closer to race time, what are speed specific workouts that I could do to hone it in? As a FYI; a recent 6 mile time is 39:01 and 3 mile 18:38...looking to go under 65 his time...

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      a really great workout to build endurance for the 10 mile to half marathon distance is 3 x 2 mile repeats.  I tend to do the first one a little slower than goal pace, the second at goal pace, and the last one a little under.  Its a tough workout, and a time consuming one, but it pays off huge. Long runs will help, and dont also forget to stay up on leg speed stuff, like 400m repeats at 2 mile pace.


        Sweet...I've done 2 x 2 mile thus far at a little faster than 10k pace. The workout was tough and thus didn't make it through the 3rd one. I might try that this weekend. If I'm right, the whole goal is to get the lactate threshold pace as quick as possible and then ramp up the efficiency with some quicker stuff(400's at 2mile pace I guess). The longest I've gone in the past month is 13 miles(1:33) because with a newborn and a 2 year old the wifieeee isn't too happy with my disappearing act! I'd agree that another few long runs would be nice...but maybe not possible.