Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 (Read 670 times)

    I just bought some. I'm excited about having a new pair. Just wanted to post something about it. Also...I guess if you have/had them you can say something.

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      I have a pair. They never totally felt comfortable for me personally. Also, when I got to about 170 miles on them, the ball of my right foot started getting really sore. Seems like really low miles for the shoe to be breaking down so quickly. Hopefully you'll have better luck with them.
        I have a pair with about 150 mile on them. It's a good shoe, moderate stability, good cushioning, caused me no problems (other than one black toenail from a downhill run where they weren't laced tight enough - my fault). The only negative I have is that the lateral outsole material (bottom of shoe, outside) seems to be wearing down quickly. Enjoy. Smile
          Well, they're just filler training shoes. I got them for under 60 bucks and both my other pair have 450+ miles on them. I'm going to have to replace them in March, so I figured I'd branch from Asics and go to try some Mizunos. Running 5 on them today so we'll see.
            I just got Wave Inspire 2s for Xmas after trying many, many shoes. I'm only 3 runs in, but they're good so far. Except that at the outside of the ball of the foot, there's kind of a bump. But it doesn't seem to hurt, so I guess I'll just get hot new callouses there. Undecided Yay for the cost of last year's model!

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