Sub 2:00 Half Marathon thread (Read 2394 times)


    docjen - That run should count as double mileage, considering all you had to go through to get it done. Maybe triple, since you finished in the rain! I'm glad you finished with a smile though - bad start, great finish.


    bluerun - Wow, you have access to an Alter-G? Very cool. I wouldn't worry about a slower first mile. Most of mine first miles are significantly slower than the rest. It takes awhile for the body to get warmed up and moving. I'd say it's a good thing, nothing to worry about.


    Zelanie - Your job sounds ideal for me! It's being with the same kids, day in and day out, that I can't stand. Want to trade? Big grin You might need a new "A" goal. Your runs have been excellent. I'm glad you felt so strong with the 11 miler, and getting feedback from the coaches on your form was definitely a plus. It's so hard to know what we actually look like while we're running.


    wing - 60 degrees? Yep, you're definitely fortunate there. We probably won't see temps that warm here until June!


    nathan - I agree about treadmills being a great tool for intervals. I have no sense of pace, and when doing intervals outside I'm constantly staring at the Garmin. Glad you're doing well with the Hansons plan. Great January mileage, btw. Lol on the middle age mojo!


    Chris - I'm glad you're officially joining us! Sorry about the hernia, but in a roundabout way, it brought you back to running. Don't doubt yourself - you've put in the work, and you're ready for it to pay off.


    az2 - Which marathon are you running in May? Will it be your first?


    hector - Don't worry about missing a couple of runs. Just get in what you can, it won't hurt a thing.


    pcaharrier - Glad you got over the crud and are back on the roads. That stuff can be nasty, and it really hangs on.


    the kenyan - Another Wyomingite! I'm in Cheyenne, where are you? You're so right about the winters here - they're horrible. I've put in way more TM miles than what I'd like, but some days it's my only options.


    jicima - Huge congrats on your race!! You put it all out there, and it paid off. As for the last half being all uphill? I think when you're pushing the pace and giving it all you've got, even a downhill finish is going to feel harder than it should.


    me - My mileage this week wasn't anything spectacular, but it took until Friday for me to feel human again. Yesterday we got a 5 miler in outside (woohoo!) and it was the strongest run I've had in a week. The flu sucks!! Today we're hoping for 6 or 7, as it's supposed to be warmer and less wind. So far I'm loving my Altras. I've been wearing them daily to just walk around in, and did the first running mile in them on Friday. It sure was hard to change out of them and put my old shoes back on, but I want to do this right.


    For all the football fans, enjoy the superbowl! I've been torn all week who to root for, but I think it's got to be those California boys!

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      Jan26.2:  I will be in milder weather the end of this week, anticipation is pretty wild as it will get me back on my beloved trails, and 7,000+ ft in northern AZ!! But only for a couple of weeks for business, then back to frigid artic temps in northern MN Sad. I registered for the Lost Dutchman HM. It's an in and out course and paved, two elements I don't care for but no other options considering date and location.  Due to my frequent business travels, I think I may be running my 3rd marathon in AZ or NM or CO in May.  Like you, TM running is what I have to do due to winter conditions here in northern MN despite our love/hate relationship, haha!

      Chris:  speedy recovery.

      docjen:  Awesome attitude, and finish!

      Zelanie:  been there, done that but our 'kids' are grown up now but still trying to balance life, work and home.  Very blessed I have a super supportive hubby Smile.

      Wing:  will be relating to ideal temps like your 60 degrees later this week!!

      kenyan:  totally understand about miserable winter condition keeping you indoors but spring suppose to be early ........according to groundhog, haha!!

      You all rock!!


      At least 20 below ZERO the last few weeks, snow, sleet, icy, slick roads has me trying to 'embrace' TM; past injuries of knee and achilles tendons resurfaced so I tapered back to training runs of 2/week, longest being 12 miles, intervals.  Last Friday, I decided to try running on TM with my trail shoes instead of road shoes and what a difference those made!!  YAY!! Been running in my Brooks Cascadia for at least 3 yrs now and a unique insole specifically computerized for me and injuries have lessened even while running tough technical trails.  Haven't found my 'perfect' road shoes yet but hubby bought me ACIS for early Valentine's day gift yesterday (since we'll be apart due to my business travel).  You're a dedicated runner if you get all excited and breathless about running shoes versus flowers/jewelry, etc.  Big grin.  I ran at the indoor track, 4.2 miles, 39 minutes while hubby walked. Kept miles short just to see how new road shoes would do and so far, it felt marvelous, no aches, YIPPEE!! Hope to get in a couple of long runs this week and see if new shoes work well on TM.

      Happy Super Bowl everyone!!

      PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



        bluerun - I'm a fan of the slower start.  It takes me a couple miles to hit my pace usually.


        Zelanie - I think you're right about needing a new A-goal.  And probably also right about backing off a bit on your workouts, too :-P


        npaden - I agree about the treadmill helping you hold paces.  I've been trying to do my tempo runs outside this time around, though, and trying to get better what those faster paces feel like.  That was a great looking pace run you did.


        Chris - Hi!  2 weeks to go!  sounds like you're in good position to hit your sub-2 goal.


        az2mntrail - stay tuned for a trail running question further down!


        hectortrojan - can you squeeze a longer run in on a week day in the next 2 weeks?


        pcaharrier - 3 weeks to race day for you!  Are you completely over the respiratory stuff now?


        thekenyan - so glad I don't have to deal with Wyomying winters.  I don't envy you and Jan at all.


        jicama - congrats on your first half, and a great time as well!


        Jan - glad you are finally feeling better.  Hope you get a decent run in today.  I have no strong Super Bowl opinion either, but we'll watch it for entertainment purposes.


        me - Had a great milage week, ending with 64.8 miles.  Yesterday, I ran almost 9 on the trails with some friends.  It was gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, great company.  The only problem was I was big klutz yesterday!  I fell not 1, not 2, but THREE times!  I don't know what the heck.  I will say the 3rd time was not my fault - there was a piece of barbed wire stuck in the ground that caught my foot.  I skinned up my knee, but was still fine to run.  I did my first long long run today, 18 miles.

        So, my trail running question:  next Saturday there is a local train race I'd love to do.  It's pretty technical trails, but has a great race director, great aid stations, and the coolest medal ever (with a tornado that spins!)  It's the Psycho Wyco Run, Toto, Run trail race.  I'm due to run 20 miles next week on my marathon training schedule.  Would I be totally insane to run the 20 mile trail race instead of the 10 miler?  I'm not planning to "race" it either way - more like just planning to stay upright.  It would probably take me 4-4:30 I'm thinking.  What do you think?  (Oh, also for reference, I have 11 weeks to go before my marathon, so it would be 10 weeks to go next week, and I have 2 other 20 milers planned.)

          Nice job, Jicama. maybe your chip time was even better than 1:56:4e sunless you were right at the front at the start. Count your chip time, you earned it!


          me: week disrupted by combination of work, weather and Achilles. Got in 8, 4, 6 during the week, then 8m trail on Saturday, and 14 on Sunday. Total of 40 versus 50 in the schedule. Not too bothered as I was running 30-35 at this stage during my previous training cycle. I am also debating whether to sign up for a May marathon or wait till the Fall. I'll make the choice end of Fen before next price increase. Will depend on weather and Achilles between now and then. Roller is working fairly well

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            Jicama- Congrats on beating your sub-2 goal and leaving it all on the course!


            Jan- Glad you're feeling better!


            az- Hope that the love affair with your new shoes lasts a long time!


            Jen- I'm confused.  Are you wanting to substitute a 20 mile trail race for your 20 mile LR?  Or keep the 20 mile LR and run the race instead of a 10-miler?


            Two-foot- Hope the achilles behaves for you this week!


            me- Not much to report.  Had a nice easy run with the dogs this weekend.  Looking forward to the next week of training.


            If you ask

              Long time, no see... And wow, I've missed so much!


              First and foremost, Miele - nice shoe purchase(s).  I run my shorter (under 10 m) runs in the Pure Flows.  LOVE them.   They are the best shoes I've found.   I've been resisting shopping for anything but it's a challenge.  I got lucky one day and stopped in at a thrift store and found a pair of Sugoi tights, Nike running pants, and three pairs of Athletica pants.  3 bucks each! I was practically dancing.


              Zelanie - it seems you've gotten some really great runs in.  Keep it up!  Yay!


              docjen - as loosely as I follow training plans, I am probably not best to advise on your choice between a race and a run, but I say DO IT!   Trail races are such a great workout as well as really challenging and FUN.  20 miles sounds tough ( the most trail miles I've done is 13.1) but you walk when you have to, run when you can.   Just switch it up and run lightly the next week.  With all the meetings you've been attending, it seems like 4-5 hours romping in the woods is just what the doctor would order ; )


              jan -  glad that you're feeling better.  And yay, shoes for you too!!!   I love the names of the trail races too ( Chilly Cheeks, Labor Pains, Half Wit Half...). My favorite shirt is from Chilly Cheeks 2011 where it said "when Coldplay is more than a lame band".  


              Hector -   I, too, have no idea about heart rate.  I just run by feel.  My guess is that if it feels too difficult, you won't be able to hold up longer than you've trained.  But I really don't know.


              Npaden - sweet mileage!    I wish I had the interest in tracking my training the way that you (and some others here) do.   I just run and write down the miles.  Oh well.


              Az2 -  I ran in the cascaDias but didn't love them.  Right now I'm loving my lasportivas.    What kind of Asics did you get?  My DH bought me my garmin and I was happier than if he had gone to Jared's.


              harrier -  glad you're feeling better and back to training.  Which half are you running?


              Jicama -  congrats on your race!  Smile


              Welcomes to wing, Chris, and the Kenyan.   My apologies if I've missed anyone.


              Me -  I've been busy but getting my runs in.   Ice prevented me from running last Saturday so I ran 6 on Sunday.   Then got in some great runs during the week.   This past weekend I ran 10 miles on Saturday ( Higdons marathon plan said 9... Oops).  It was cold and my hands were freezing most of the time.  I did, however, find a nice trail that I just had to explore (that explains the extra mile).   Then Sunday I got out for 5 miles on the trails.  Oh, and last Tuesday I went out for an easy run but then saw a high school girl running about a quarter mile ahead and I just had to catch her.  She sped up twice as I got near her and then she eventually turned down a side road.   It was fun watching her turn to check on me.   Made my run a speed workout but I couldn't resist.


              Happy Running.

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                Hi all--just wanted to say that I am signing up for a half in April and officially started my training this weekend with a 7 mile run. That's the most distance I've done in a while and it felt pretty good. I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts and using them as motivation for my half. I'm so close to breaking 2:00, my PR is 2:03:27 on a hilly course. Hoping the flatness of running one at the beach will get me closer to that 1:59:59 time!


                Live Free & Run

                  Just joined a week or so ago, but I've been running for several years now. To date I've run 2 HMs both being last year. I hit the sub 2:00 mark (1:59:16) last May in my second HM. I have to say I was kind of surprised by this. I forced myself to start off slow as I was afraid all the hype and excitement would make me start pushing too much too soon and burn out at the end. However with each mile-marker giving me a break down of a 9:00 +/- minute-mile, I held it all the way until the end.


                  My 3rd HM is April 6, and this course is very flat (most of it is run on an airfield). So I hope to set a new PR for me!


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                    I missed my goal of a sub 2 hour HM by 1 minute 10 seconds yesterday. My next half is Oakland in March. Hoping to nail it then.

                      Lots of new folks joining in.  Kind of interesting with the mix of folks from last year who mostly have already made their sub 2 hour goal and the new folks from this year looking to go sub 2 hours for the first time.


                      You guys talking about trail running have me getting more and more jealous (except for the falling down part!).


                      Still setting mileage records.  53.4 miles last week for my most ever.  I think that will hold up for a couple weeks maybe according to my training plan.


                      Big news for me is that my wife has mono and shingles!  I did some research and it sounds like there is a limited chance that I will get it because according to what I read 90 - 95% of adults have already had mono even if they don't know they did and shouldn't get it again although there are some slight variations of strains.  She obviously isn't going to be able to run the full marathon with me in May so we switched her to the half instead optimistically thinking she might be able to do it by then.  Still trying to figure everything out on that, thankfully she's not so worn out that she can't keep up with the cooking, cleaning and laudry! Big grin Shocked


                      Hope everyone has a great week this week.  Nathan

                      Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                      Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)

                        11 below ZERO early this morning so headed to the health club, ran 6 miles, 1:05, tempo run first 2 miles, then intervals 3 miles, finishing with temp run last mile.  Decided on a double run today. Ran in my trail shoes this morning, will run in my new ACIS Gel-Kinsei 4 later this afternoon, about  4 miles so total of 10 miles.

                        So if I run 1 mile when temp is 1 BELOW ZERO, does that put me in the 'mile (s) more than degrees?'  LOL!!

                        Jen:  kinda confused with your post.

                        But if you want to 'replace' a training run with a race, a trail race at that, there are some factors to consider.  The type of "trails" are important:  some are 'groomed,' some are are all out 'technical.'  Consider elevation, steepness, rocky, sand, rutted, single track, muddy, snowpacked, icy, etc. Tough trails offer overall challenge and tests every muscle fiber.  Trail races are more on overcoming the distance because of its various terrain which will keep you actively engaged in when to slow down, when to speed up, when to walk even versus just finishing in the fastest time on mostly flat paved road. Because of the extreme and technical aspects of some trail races, running 10 miles will feel like running 15 or 20 miles.  If you are not used to technical trails, it's best to avoid injuries by running the shorter one, especially the impact your ankles will take.  Running a trail race can be a motivator and a change from your training which can foster your planned goal.  I hope to run my 3rd marathon in May.  I already ran a 10 miler trail race in mid-Dec. 2012, 1:31:41 (2nd in AG), and a 20K (12.5 miles) technical trail race last month (part of the Xterra trail series). It was tough, with at least 5 miles of over 1500 elevation gain, finished in 2:29, came in 3rd in my AG. It was almost a HM which I tend to finish under 2 hours on road courses so you can see how much of a difference it can be.  I had not run that particular trail yet, and didn't think I was that ready for it considering the elevation profile but I wanted to gauge my training and I know I am a pretty good competitor. I find that trail running and races offer strength, and raw endurance, and a much more peaceful state of mind. We are fierce competitors but we also need to be realistic and know our limitations on various courses, and our fitness level at a certain point in time. I've seen too many first timers tackle a technical trail and end up hitting dirt, severe injuries, bloody and a long lasting ego bruise. Not worth it.

                        If I were you, and find trouble staying 'upright,' I would run the 10 miler trail race, and recover a day or two, and then return to my regular training schedule.  My two cents.

                        PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



                          the kenyan - Welcome and congrats on the weight loss!


                          jicama - Congrats on the half marathon finish!  I watched the video and if you hadn't said anything I would have guessed that you felt pretty good at the finish.


                          Jan - Glad you're getting feeling human again and enjoying the new shoes.  It'll probably be new shoe time for me pretty soon.


                          az2mntrail - That weather . . . I can't even imagine.  I would almost think that that much time on the TM would be a recipe for disaster for the kind of injuries that you have resurfacing.  Glad to hear that you've been able to keep training.


                          Jen - Yeah, I'm pretty much over the worst of my cold.  I still have a bit of the sniffles, but nothing that I'm going to let keep me from my training at this point.  It sounds like you had a really great week.  The more I read about others doing trail running, the more I miss it.  Nine miles on the trails with friends?  Color me very jealous!  For what it's worth, it seems like if you already had 20 on the schedule and you're not going to try to "race" the 20-miler, why not go for that one?  If your only goal is to stay upright and get the mileage in it seems like it shouldn't make a difference whether you do it as part of a race.


                          Two foot - Still hit 40 miles in a week with those kinds of disruptions?  Way to to, I say!


                          Zelanie - Keep up the good work!


                          EdithRevisited - Sometimes those trails just need exploring, eh?  Missing runs because of ice?  Yikes!  I've slipped on the ice once this year, but I don't think there's ever been enough to keep me from going out altogether.  Be careful out there.


                          amn77 - Welcome and good luck with your training!


                          LeighDS - Welcome and good luck with your race in April!


                          PineGroveDave - Close call!  Keep up the good work and you should be on track for that sub-2:00 when March rolls around.


                          npaden - Mono . .  ouch.  Hope your wife gets back on her feet soon.  Congrats on the new mileage record.


                          I got in a run of 10 on Saturday morning while visiting the in-laws.  It was about 20 degrees when I left the house and for the first couple of miles it definitely felt that cold.  Granted, it's no Wyoming weather, but it was still cold enough that I had ice crystals in my mustache by the time I was done about 90 minutes later.  I kept it right around 9:30/mile pace and took some water and some Gatorade chews at the halfway mark (protip: don't leave those outside when it's below freezing).  I held the 9:30 pace after that, but tried to shoot for goal half marathon pace on the last 2.5 and was able to do that, finishing the last miles at a quick 8:17/mile.  I felt it a little bit during the rest of the day and yesterday, but I felt really good at the end of the run.


                            Npaden -  great tempo work. I am sure that this would be a great confidence builder. Nice job in getting 50+ miles for the week


                            Zelanie – 8 miles @ 9 minute/mile. nice workout!


                            Jicama – congratulations for finishing sub 2:00 HM. Great job!


                            Jan26.2 – glad to know that you are getting better and got even a five miles


                            az2mntrail – I run cascedia for trail running too! Congratulation in finding a new road running shoes!


                            Doctorjen – was able to have few longer weekday runs last week. would try to do the same this week. 64.8 miles/week. that’s awesome! Its not a good feeling to fall on trail. It hurts. Great job in getting 18 miler!


                            Two-Foot-Shuffle – great job in getting 40 miles for the week


                            EdithRevisited – great job in getting regular runs


                            PineGroveDave – so close to finishing HM under 2:00!


                            Me – since I was not gonna get longer run on Saturday, I ran longer on my few weekdays and was able to run low 40s miles on TM for the week


                              I am building a plan specifically for runners trying to break the 2 hour half-marathom barrier. I am a 2.19 marathoner and help runners from around the world who are seeking to better their performances at Please visit sometime and let me know more about how I can help.





                                Edith- Sounds like a good week of running!


                                Allyson- Welcome!  My HM is in April too!


                                Leigh- Looking forward to seeing your training this time!


                                Dave- Hiya!


                                Nathan- Hope your wife is feeling better soon!  I bet she'd heal faster if somebody would help her with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry! Wink


                                az- Are you running outside tonight!  Hope your run went well!


                                pcaharrier- Sounds like a great LR!


                                Hector- Glad you were able to get your miles in.  Lately I've been preferring to do more running on the weekdays and keep my weekends lighter just so that I still feel like I have family time.  We're busy on the weekdays regardless so it somehow doesn't feel like as much of a tradeoff.


                                me- Well tonight's workout kicked my ass.  But in a good way I think.  The plan called for 5x3:00 @ V02Max on a "moderately steep uphill."  Well I had done 2:30 intervals on a flat TM before so I wondered how much harder could it be?  Famous last words!


                                The plan was to start with a 4% incline, 8:20 pace, and then maybe step it up after the first one.  Nope!  I got one done at that pace, took it down a notch for the second, and by the third I was at 8:34 with a 3% incline, which I was able to hold but it was a mental battle.  And I had no trouble running my recoveries at a slow enough pace tonight!


                                The good news is I really feel like I did some "mental" training in a way tonight that I haven't had to do in a while.  My brain and I had to have a serious talk about hanging in there, and I think that will serve me well down the road.  And, um, I guess I need more practice on hills!