String of bad runs... (Read 667 times)

    So, I am training for a 5 mile road race, and have had to take 2 weeks off due to heel pain (PF?)... yesterday I ran 2.3 miles very slowly (30 minutes) and today I was planning to run 5 miles... about 1 mile into my running today, I got dizzy and had to jog for the next 2 miles, when I finally stopped... I am going to go back out and run the last two miles, but I just can't believe how bad these two runs have been... I am most likely going to finish the 5 miles in about 1 hour 10 minutes, which would make an average of 15 minute miles... gahhhh!
      Just finished the second half... and I know, its not really 5 miles, so I am not extremely mad about the 1:09:50 finish time... but my heel isn't all that bad, so I am kind of happy... I did also manage to take the mile time from an average of 15:30 (yuch!) to 13:43, so at least I can take some good from this. Angry

      Has been

        Everybody has bad days and good days. When you are having a bad run, remember how good you felt after the good runs. You'll get back there! Smile

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          Do you take walk breaks during your runs?
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            Yes, frequently... except for races, I try not to walk during them! That's why my time for my runs are usually so high.
              Yay! Very good run today. It was QUITE humid, but I still ran outside and had about an 18 min 2 mile time... I did walk, but I did some fartlek-ing for the last mile or so. It feels nice to end your run sprinting.
                Great job!
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                  wll done - sounds like the string of bad runs has come to an end!
                    Yeah, the run wasn't exactly 2 miles... probably about 1.75 when I map it out, but still it has a HUGE hill I have to go up and down... so I'll round it up!