Repeated injuries - thinking of getting Vibrams/minimalist shoes (Read 276 times)

Feeling the growl again



    I like listening to the nay-sayers. You cant make metal float. You cant make wood fly. You cant run on asphalt. ok. You're right. Even when you see that it can be done, stay strong in your belief. Look the other way, close your eyes. Blame witchcraft.


    Please remind me where in this thread that anyone said you can't run on asphalt.


    Posting what is basically sport jester's signature line is not a great way to convince anyone you are here to have a reasonable discussion.

    "If you want to be a bad a$s, then do what a bad a$s does.  There's your pep talk for today.  Go Run." -- Slo_Hand


    I am spaniel - Crusher of Treadmills


      I can't decide if the highlight of this thread is that people on both sides of the argument, at different points, thought they were in agreement with SJ or the Remo Williams reference.




        While we're on the subject of stride efficiency, one of the benefits I've found from running on long stretches of soft dirt is how to glide as effortlessly as possible over dirt which would otherwise engulf my entire shoe.  I call it my Remo Williams stride, this is from the scene where Chiun is watching Remo run down the Coney Island beach and keeps saying, "Lift up your feet!"  It took me a while, but once I got my stride in order, I was able to traverse mile long sections of beach sand soft dirt with very little effort.


        +1 for the "destroyer" reference. Finally the dozens of hours I spent reading the books in Jr. High seem justified!

        The question is, however: if while gliding across the loose dirt in such an effortless manner, if a loose grain of sand were to fly up and land upon, or a bird's feather to glide down and brush against, or a gnat's wing strike in passing, your shoulder, would you topple over instantaneously? (If you only watched the movie you might not get the reference. )


          I think its just beginners pain.  As far as the shoes go I have always liked less not more but until the nb minimus shoes I have never been able to run long in light shoes.  I don't think they are magic just lighter.