Bunion pain & running (Read 67 times)

    As I'm on my phone & can't search this subject, I'm starting a new thread on what might have previously beven addressed ad nauseum... If so, sorry.


    This bunion is about to sideline me and I'm panicking. I'm ok if I live on an NSAID which isn't a great plan. Anyone else successfully contending with this without opting for surgery?  Thanks.





      Try wider shoes and/or cut a hole in the side of the shoe where the bunion is, so it can have as much room as it needs.  Same thing with your every day shoes...as wide and open as they can be so you can give the bunion as much room as it needs to spread out and not casue pain.


      I've had a severe bunion on one foot and lesser one on the other my entire life.  My foot doc says he can't believe I walk without constant pain let alone run.  He suggested surgery but admitted that 50% of the time it doesn't solve the problem and may make it even worse.  As it stands, I run 25-30 miles per week (in minimal shoes) and do okay...sometimes better than others!


        I have a nice one on my right foot.  It doesn't bother me but has ached on occasion in the past.  I use Sauconys because they have a generous toe box.  Occassionally I've cut a hole in the insole right below the bunion if a pair is a bit tight.  Unlikely I've ever try surgery since it's hit and miss and I have no reason to, at least for now.

          I was afraid to cut a hole in $150 shoes in the event that it didn't make it better but I've heard that recommendation before.  So you just cut the lining on the inside of the shoe?




            I bought these last year. I did not know how long it would last before breaking, so I got 2.

            I would sometimes wear it while running, and also wear it the rest of the day.


            I think I found out about it from a thread on RA.

            It helped me a lot. I haven't used it again in a year.

            Running Chick

              my response may sound unrelated, but it helped me.  i have bunions, have for years, and have run for 40 years......  here's what i do - i rub/press the inside upper arch, just under the big toe.  you can actually see your big toe move if you are hitting the muscle correctly.  there's a tight muscle there - keep applying pressure.  it relaxed the muscle - and you can actually see your big toe come out (as opposed to turning in - common with bunions).


              huge help with pain and progression of bunion growth.  hope it helps you, too.  love.