Strength Training info in Calendar (Read 472 times)

    I am fairly new to both this site and exercising. Well, once upon a time I was a personal trainer, but it seems that was ages ago. I found this site and can honestly say that it inspired me to get back into working out since it provides the real time gratification to post in in a semi public forum. I love running, but I prefer and HIGHLY recommend to all that they create a continuously revolving mixture of athletic sports. Not only does this generate a wider variate of muscles groups hit, but it keeps your body from hitting the ever feared plateau. Plus, hey... its more fun. I attempted to use the 'strength training' section to log things like: racquetball; tennis; basketball; volleyball; baseball; surfing and weight training. It works well for a weight lifting overview, I still prefer excel simply because I can sort by specific exercise and see the progression during my workout (I use free weights at home) and know how much to begin my workout with to maximise training without jeopardising premature loss of energy, or waisted effort/injury from over loading my muscles. The item that i wish to point out is that in workout summary, there is no information viewable about the specific exercise I did. It just says 'strength training', but I have to click on it to see if I lifted weights, whether it was legs, tri's, back, or even if it was a 3 hour tennis game with my best mate. The calendar is even cooler to me, but suffers the same limited information on the weight training part. It is amazing to be able to view the calendar and move the mouse over the runs and get TONS of info, PROPS TO YOU ON THIS WHOLE SETUP!!!! I think it would be very cool to see the same info on the strength training, or perhaps since with weight training you are likely to enter multiple muscle groups for most people, a field could even be added for a workout label. This would allow me to label it Racquetball, or UPPER BACK / TRAPS for an idea of why my tennis or basketball game may have suffered the following day. I am a huge fan of your site and love that you have done this for the entire world and provide it for free. I want to take this chance to thank you for all you have done and say that I/we all appreciate it very much!! Brian D Carmicheal
      Hi Brian, You're right that the strength training entries in the calendar view aren't as detailed as the run entries. Your request can be lumped into the graphing/searching/reporting feature upgrade that I've been planning for a while now. Do you know you can record your other sports such as volleyball, baseball, etc, as workouts instead of strength training? Go to Options/My Log Preferences and click on "Other workouts". Once you enter the sports there, they will appear in the same drop down on the log's toolbar as other workouts. If you use this scheme, these sports will appear in the calendar view instead of "strength training". Hope this helps! eric Smile