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    I'm sure there are lots of beautiful places to run in Auckland, but any in particular that you would recommend?  (From a starting point near Albert Park...)

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      My husband and I went there on our honeymoon, and we ran from the harbor to One Tree Hill (about 13 miles) on the Coast to Coast trail.  It's not really a trail (some of it winds through neighborhoods on sidewalks), but it was very enjoyable!

        Hi! I'm not a NZer but I did live in across the Northern Motorway for a year. If you're up for a beautiful, beautiful run that doesn't quite start around Albert Park, head across the little ferry to Devonport and run the perimeter beaches: Devonport, Belmont, Takapuna, Milford, Castor Bay...all the way up to Long Bay, where you get to run through tall grass fields and hear the wind rushing through it and cows mooing!!  Bring a camera because it's a treat for the eyes, body and soul!  I absolutely loved running on the hard sand, across little stone seawalls where you had to time getting across so as to not get sprayed by the waves, and then heading uphill through some tramping paths to stunning ocean vistas. I miss those runs.


        Another fave run was just running the path/sidewalk to Mission Bay! I think I used to start around Quay Street, and ran along Tamaki Drive, around Mission Bay to Saint Heliers...I can't quite remember if I turned back or kept going but on a sunny day? niiiiice!


          For something close by Albert Park best choices are the Auckland Domain which is on the other side of the University just down the road. It's around a 4-5k loop around that. Otherwise along Tamaki drive as TechW mentioned.


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            Sorry, Auckland isn't my home turf so I'm not much help. I do know that one tree hill is talked about a fair bit and there is always the waterfront - I assume that would be pretty. Enjoy! If you make to Wellington I know heaps of wonderful routes!

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              I believe RA member Vinodrinker is an Auckland runner.  You might want to PM him.

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                Awesome, thanks, folks... I'll check those places out.  


                And nzrun, I'll likely be down to Wellington at some point, so I'll be hitting you up for recommendations then!

                "Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.  Climb that goddamn mountain."

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