virtually no pace improvement at all in 6 months' running (Read 2204 times)

    I wasn't trying to be a smar-mouth (but maybe I am anyways??? ;o)) but, seriously, you have to understand what you're trying to get out of any given workout and what your actual needs are.


    Oh, I've got thicker skin that that. And the reason for all the questions is that I'm trying to figure out what each workout does. My training does feel like its constantly stuck in some awful middle ground between base and everything else. Im guessing my next "target" race will be in November sometime, perhaps later.


    Next week I have workouts of a Tuesday 10x200 with a 2mile run, Thurs or Friday Progression Run and Long Weekend Run. Im thinking of slipping in some strides the day prior to the Progression Run (rather than strides after the Progression Run).

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