What's the craziest time of day you've run? (Read 904 times)

Pre would have liked us.

    Back in college we would be up until 2, 3, 4 am studying and hyped on coffee, so I'd drag someone out on their bike to go with me. It was the best time to go. It was peaceful and the miles flew by so effortlessly. What time is it now?.........

    My bike is my therapist

      I have to be in the office at 6am so I'm on the road at 4:30. Finish up at 5:30. I have seen one other runner on occasion. I see the paper man quite often. It's really peaceful and quiet running under the street lights.
      "Psychotic speed and you'll crash, over caution will get you last. "
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        Reach The Beach relay in NH is 200+ miles of 'round the clock running for teams of 6 or 12. You can find yourself most anywhere, anytime.