Cannot save Garmin uploaded data as Walk activity (Read 39 times)


    Saving as Run activity seems working as always.  However when I try to change Activity from Run to Walk or Other, a spinning wheel shows up and never disappears.  And I cannot change Inveral Set to "GPS interval set (Walk)" since the drop down list is empty.  I have three unsaved workouts.  Could you please take a look?


    By the way, is there any way to change all "Other" workouts to "Walk"?  I know it's possible to change one by one.  Currently because of aforementioned issue, I cannot do that either.  Thanks!


      I have found and fixed the problem.  It may take several days before it is deployed to the servers because I've made other changes that require further testing.


      If you don't want to wait, you can ignore the wait indicator.  Type in the walk interval set name exactly as how you had it so that you won't get duplicates.


      There is no automatic way to reassign activities.  I'm afraid you'll have to do it by hand.  There is a request to add bulk workout editing support and I've been thinking about what the form should look like  Changing activity type would be one of the options when I get around to adding bulk workout editing.


      eric Smile


        Thank you Eric! Now it works and I manually changed all Other workouts to Walk.


        By the way, what's the purpose of having "interval set", especially having more than one "interval set" for a type of activity?  To me it's just yet another field that I have to fill in sth.


        Regarding the bulk editing, maybe the first step is to add "previous" and "next" button on the workout detail page.  So that after finish changing one workout we can click a button (or press a key) to move to the next one.  If you use Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server, you may take a look at how they bulk edit work items.  There are lots of similarities.  Essentially one can multi-select the workouts to be edited, then the form will display the fields that have identical value across all workouts, the fields that have different values for each workouts will be grayed out, then the user can change those fields and save, which change that value to another identical value for all workouts.  Just my $0.02.