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    Why is Boston to Big Sur so damn expensive? 

    Big Sur marathon is $199, but B2B is $399! And that’s after you’ve already paid $205 for Boston. 

    curious if anyone has done this and found it worth it.

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      DW and I did this in 2017. You do get a very nice meal after the race (Boston to Big Sur participants only), a nice jacket and an ok medal.  I think just for entering you also get an extra shirt and a license plate frame - we used one on a car and the other as a photo frame.  You will also qualify to join Marathon Maniacs.  We questioned whether it was worth the extra dollars too, but ultimately thought it was worth the experience.  Worth is very subjective.  I would say if you are strapped for cash, then no not worth it.  If you aren't then there are worse things to spend your money on.



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