I think broke something (Read 132 times)


    Hi Eric, I was trying to edit my map from today's upload of Bandera, and the editor wasn't responding. I refreshed it a couple times and no luck, so I gave up. Then I found out my summary page is now blank, and I can no longer see details of my existing workouts, or create a new course map. Did I screw something up? - Wing
      Same issues here, Training Log -> Summary is blank.
        I did an update just now and something broke. Looking into it.

          another thing is that when i selected a gpx file in "upload from file", the "upload" button was still disabled...

            The JavaScript files are packaged incorrectly, causing JavaScript errors and thus most of the site stopped working.  I had to roll back the latest updates and will investigate the problem.

              Thanks, Eric! It's working now.


                All seems well now, thank you Eric!