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    Can you access this web site?      www.­medpagetoday.­com


    I've been able to access this site for a couple of years or so but recently it is not available most of the time from here at the university where I work. The IT guys say they can't get to it either, but they say the problem is on the other end and not here on  our campus network. I'd believe them, except for the fact that I seem to always be able to access it from my home computer. If you're able to get to the web site, would you  mind posting a yes here with the local time that you got to it? I'd appreciate it. It's a trivial matter, but I'm just curious.

      Pulled up in about 4 seconds for me.

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        Yes, about 2-3 seconds for me.


            Thanks, I've only been able to access it once from work in the past week, late in the afternoon; the rest of the time all I get is:


            "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to www.medpagetoday.com"


            Or the equivalent message in FireFox or IE.

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              Yup.  Came right up 12:14 eastern time.



              Just run.


                This is handy:




                Thanks, I just stumbled across that web site and tried it, but since it's new to me I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not. Seems like my IT guys should have tested the link on something like that before closing my trouble ticket as "no problem found" . . . 

                  It opened for me just now; took about 5 seconds to load.

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                    Just got a call back from my IT guys, after leaving them a note that you all were able to access this page without any problems; after they did some more checking they discovered that the www.medpagetoday.com website had been flagged and black-listed a month ago by whatever Cisco security service the university is using, but they had no idea why. So that explains why I can't get through. They're looking in to it so I'm ready to call it resolved to my satisfaction. Thanks everyone for your help with this.