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    How come my run data from yesterday does not appear in my workout log or graph? I'm on my iPhone and just noticed it, then I tried several times to re-enter the data with no apparent luck. I'm just wondering if it's me, my phone or some weird quirk in the site. Thx.

    eric :)

      Hi Jaybar,

      How did you create the workout?  Manually or as a GPS file?  If manually, which browser and operating system are you using?  Could you enter it again and before you save it, take a screen shot of it and send it to support@runningahead.com so I can try to reproduce the problem.


      eric Smile

        Hey Eric, it's there now after I re-entered the data a minute ago on my laptop Mac OSX (10.7.5). When i had tried to enter it unsuccessfully on the 30th and the 31st, I was on an Iphone5. All my entries are done manually.