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    I'm putting together my training plan for my second Marathon at the end of January (first was Chicago last week) but am stuck with pacing a little bit.  I use McMillans calculator to figure training paces for the different zones (endurance, stamina, speed) but there is a big discrepancy between training paces from my marathon, my half marathon (untrained last January) and my 5k (towards the end of Marathon training).  (3:01:10 / 1:23:30 / 16:55)


    Does it make sense to use the 5k time for speed and stamina work and the marathon time for endurance work since it would seem my systems are at different levels of development?

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      The McMillan training paces are only accurate if you enter a time for what you are in shape to run in the same conditions as the day you are doing the workout.


      In other words, they should be considered more of "guidelines".


      It would seem to make sense to start by going off the 5K for faster workouts and marathon for longer workouts, if they are far apart in what they suggest.  However, I would suggest keeping good notes in your log for workouts you like to do over and over.  In time, when you have done each in proximity to races, you'll get a feel for what you should be able to race a distance in given where your workouts have been at.


      Ideally your conditioning should be driving the workout paces, not the time spit out of the calculator.  If you start based off say some 5K race time, then train well for 2-3 months, would you no the workouts at the same pace that 5K predicted that whole time?  Of course not, if you are getting fitter and in better shape you should see them getting faster.

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        Use your current 5K race pace or do a 2 mile time trial to determine your training paces. Every 3-6 weeks, it is nice to do another 5K or time trail to monitor fitness level and thus adjust training paces.  If you haven't done the 5K or time trial, now is a good time!

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