Haverhill Invitational- PRs Galore! (Read 741 times)

    We were at the Haverhill Invitational today in Haverhill, MA for the first full squad (as in all events) invitational of the season. It was a great day for running, with temperatures in the sixties (although it felt about 80), sunny skies, and a slight breeze at the back (for the sprinters). Naturally, this means we had PRs all over the place. I'll start with me... I ran a 5:00.9 in the mile, the second mile of my young career. Ugh... yes, just 9 tenths of a second from sub-five, which was my goal going in. I am very happy nonetheless, but it is really frustrating for me (although, one of the freshman ran an 11:00.1 in the two mile on Wednesday). Anyway, it is a five second PR for me, which is good. Moving along with the freshman on our team, we had a 4:56, and two 4:58s in the mile, which is really great (as two of those are PRs, and one of the 4:58s is not). As I have mentioned before, we have a VERY bright future ahead of us. We also had one of our awesome freshmen run a 2:15 in the 800, which is a slight PR for him. We also had one of our freshman have a four foot PR in the shot put, and one of the sprinters took home top five in the 200 (not sure about exact placement or time), and this was only his second meet! Also, our top 100 guy (a senior or junior) took second in the hundred with a PR of 11.34, which is really good for him, as he got injured after soccer in the fall, and has come back nicely. Our 4X800 team took second (and they didn't even run that well). So, overall, it was a great day. But, I have a question for you all (if you can answer it). When I read the results, my time read like this: x5:00.9 What in the world does the "x" mean? Even my coach could not answer it, and I was wondering if any of you guys knew... Thanks
    PRs: 1000: 3:01 1 Mile: 4:55 2 Mile: 10:55 2009 Goals: Sub 4:50 mile, 2:50 1000 meter, Good first real XC season
      PRs: 1000: 3:01 1 Mile: 4:55 2 Mile: 10:55 2009 Goals: Sub 4:50 mile, 2:50 1000 meter, Good first real XC season
        Nice. I ran in that meet like twenty-something years ago. You'll get sub 5 very soon.

        Runners run.

          Dude, lose the negativity in your blog. You might not be the best freshman runner on the squad, but you're young and strong and improving. Runners are at least 99% mental, some around here are 100% mental. Wink "I can do better" is NOT a bad thing, it's a great thing. There will come a time when "I can do better" is no longer in the cards *, but you aren't anywhere close to that age. Enjoy the amazing gift that has been given to you to the best of your abilities and keep striving to improve. 5:00 will be toast in short order, I'm looking forward to that post. Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. ~Mahatma Gandhi *timewise at least, you can always improve your enjoyment of running and the overall experience

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