deleting courses and shoes (Read 1089 times)

eric :)

    Good morning folks! I uploaded some changes last night. Along with many minor enhancements and bug fixes, you now can delete shoes and courses, with one caveat: you still will not be able to delete any shoes or courses that you used in a run. If I couldn't delete the courses, wouldn't they just keep piling up because I do a lot of races? I'm glad you asked. If you go to Options/My Preferences, you'll find a new check box that says "Only show courses that I used in the past n months". If you check that, and specify the number of months, then only courses used in these months will be visible. And in case you want to use a course that was filtered out for a new run, you can click on the icon next to the course drop down and it'll automagically load all the courses (the icon is only visible if you enable course filtering). I'll add the option to hide retired shoes in the shoes list this weekend. After that, I'm on to adding exporting your running log so you can have backup copies of your data. If there is one feature that you demand, this should be it. You should never trust anyone with your data, even if this someone (me) is more paranoid about keeping your data safe than you. eric Smile

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      Awesome! Good work, this is cool stuff so far!
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