Women's road bike saddles (Read 904 times)

    Ladies- what kind of road bike saddles have you found that you like? Right now I am on a Fizik Aliante saddle and I am hurting about 20-30 minutes into the ride. I have heard the Terry "Ride Like A Girl" Rosie saddles are pretty good but would like some feedback if you have found something you like!



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      Terry is definitely the way to go for women's saddles.  Depending on what kind of riding you do they have different saddles.  I mostly ride easy for recreation and I used to do some really long rides but slow, not competitive so weight and aerodynamics were low on my list.  The "Chubby Cheeks" is awesome if that is your riding style.  This was at least 10 years ago so I dont know if Terry still makes that one.

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        I'm not a woman, but, saddles are a 'finicky' thing

        The saddle you're on right now may feel bad but moving it up/down, forward/backwards, nose up/down just in small increments can make the saddle fit like a glove. If you are unsure go to your LBS and ask them to help you out....you may find that your Fizik is the most comfortable one for you (you may not)

        I have the same saddle, felt terrible until I fine tuned it.

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          My wife swears by Terry saddles.  She has two, a light one for racing and one w/ a little more padding for training.  One is the Damselfly (sp?), but I'm not sure which.  Specialized has put some huge RD $ into gender specific saddles, you might want to check that out too.

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