Any vegans out there? (Read 331 times)

Canadian princess

    I remember several years ago my son asked me what a vegetarian was. When I explained it to him the look on his face was priceless. He couldn't imagine why anyone would choose not to eat lovely things like pork, chicken, beef, and even "fish fingers." It was an nonsense to him. Now he understands a little better but still enjoyed the heck out of some dead chicken tonight. When he sees them walking around a farm he thinks they are cute then pretty much thanks them for tasting so good.


    Yeah, we tricked him into eating fish by disguising it as chicken fingers. Now he loves it.


    That is cute.


    i did kind if opposite with my first few kids. I served them only tofu dogs until one day my son went to a birthday party and had the real thing. There was no going back.

       my first few kids.  


      First few? Good grief! How many kids do you have?


        First few? Good grief! How many kids do you have?


        I believe I recall from a car conversation it was 6.  But Jan will need to confirm

        Canadian princess


          I believe I recall from a car conversation it was 6.  But Jan will need to confirm


          Yes, I have six.

            I have 4.  We have introduced a "plant based diet" to our kids (as I would not say I am 100% vegan, ie my clothes are not vegan), and let them decide.  Although they grew up with meat, they are not big meateaters (my 12 year old can down a hamburger though, I tell you what!!)


            BTW, I was in Santa Fe this past weekend and there is a restaurant there called Thai Vegan - best Thai and best vegan food I have EVER had.  If you are ever in SF, go there.

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            The "stiff" one works best for me...




              Depressing !!??  It's inspirational !!!

              Mama had MS.  Daddy was mean.  Though my name was chop wood.  Mabe it gets inspirational later.  I will try to finish it again.

                Been meaning to post this for a bit. If you aren't into Indian food yet, there's a ton of great vegan stuff from there. Whenever I ask my daughter what she wants for dinner, it's chickpea peanut curry with whatever veg is in the house. One of the keys to doing good curry is to forget about the bland, slightly bitter yellow curry powder you most often see. Freshly ground cumin seeds, coriander seeds and turmeric are the way to go. Here's a link to a basic recipe that can be expanded in countless ways.




                My Taiwanese wife is a flexitarian (sp?) as is my daughter. It's great cooking vegan food because it forces me to be creative. However, a lot of Chinese buddhists won't eat garlic or onion either. I feel castrated cooking for them, but it's pushed me to find some unique subs. Shredded turnip can sub for onion in a soup in pinch for example.


                  Spam is a vegan favorite.

                    Not totally. But I'm really curious, what are the examples of sources of protein on a vegan's diet? Aside from peas and nuts. Anybody here who's a fruitarian?

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                      Michael Pollan said an interesting thing in a recent essay and I'll paraphrase:  "Vegetarians are far healthier than omnivores, but flexitarians are just as healthy as vegetarians."  So while I'm not going totally vegan, I respect those who do.  Good luck to you in your program.


                      Thomas Jefferson said, "If you are going to eat meat, make it a side dish."

                      I recently read a book by A. J. Jacobs calling the US's 3rd president a "founding flexitarian".

                      I had not heard of VB6, I'll look up that essay.

                        Aretha Franklin said, "I learned that I wouldn't starve if I had one hot dog instead of two."

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                          I am vegan.


                            I'm not a vegan but I'm a vegetarian  Smile


                              I've recently switched from lacto-ovo veg to vegan as part of an elimination diet for my arthritis/autoimmune issues.  About 4 weeks in.  My biggest trigger is corn, so I'm actually going to try to slowly add in small bits of dairy, if I can handle it.  Was lacto-ovo veg for 17 years prior.

                              Not running for my health, but in spite of it.

                                I drink vegan beer. Does that count?


                                MTA: Old thread. I've already said my piece. haha.