Anyone have an inversion table? (Read 176 times)

    Hip Redux

      Would inversion boots do the same thing?




      In theory - yes, but I think the benefit of the table is you can control the amount of inversion.  So start off with something less than fully upside down, sort of thing.


      I haven't yet pulled the trigger but I am pretty sure I am going to. I need another option... outside of whining constantly about back pain.


      Cool Jump Suit

        We have one.  Probably used it less than 10 times in 3+ yrs.  Mostly just takes up space in the basement.  Spent about $200 on mine.  I get the same benefit if I lay down on a hard flat surface.  (don't use one if you have high blood pressure)

        So bittersweet,
        This tragedy
        Won't ask for absolution;
        This melody,
        Inside of me,
        Still searches for solution.
        A twist of faith,
        A change of heart
        Cures my infatuation.
        A broken heart, 
        Provides the spark
        For my determination.