Les Mills Bodypump (Read 138 times)

    Have any of you tried the Les Mills Bodypump class at your gym? It's very popular at the local Y, and I have to say I have been enjoying it a lot over the last few months. The weight I've been able to lift has gone up over time, and I'm at a point where I'm almost able to go a "real" pushup on my toes. If you have tried this class, I was curious about your experience and your opinion about this.

      I go to bodypump class once a week (Goodlife gyms here in Canada) when I'm on my off season. I think its a great overall fitness class - doesnt really improve/ aid the running (as I believe spin class does) but I'm not very motivated in weight training otherwise and I notice much improvement in the upper body and back which I need as an average woman in her 40s. Strengthening the back must be good for running I guess.


      I generally don't go during my 12 week or so build ups to my bi-annual half marathons, as I find the thousands of squats deaden my legs.






        I love Body Pump.  I did it from about 2002 through about 2009, when the gym I attended stopped paying for the franchise.  Sometimes I'd only go only once a week and spend more time on the gym floor lifting, but other times, I'd attend 3 times a week.  When I had high training mileage, I'd do less to body weight only on the squat and lunge tracks.  I really miss the classes.


        Glad you're enjoying it!

          Thanks everyone. Yes, those squats can be a bit much sometimes, but I'm currently training for a r2r2r and for all that downhill, squats and lunges will be my friends.