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    Hey All,


    I love this website and the training log. It's very well designed and thought off. So thanks!


    There is one thing that could be of great help. Right now, as far as I know, the week start day is fixed at Monday, and this is how all reports and displays behave. I start my training week on Saturday, and as such have to manually add stuff up if I want to see my real weekly milage.


    What I recommend is having an option in the preferences to select the start of week day, and use it in the different screens and reports rather than starting from a Monday. I don't know how easy is it to implement, but it would be a great feature, and it would be great help for those whose work schedules aren't Monday-Friday.




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      Go to "Options", then "My Log Preferences".  Here, you can select either Sunday or Monday as the begining of the week.  The Default is Monday.

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        Thank you for your response, StellarsJJayS. However, I do not see this option (I had looked for it previously). This is how my log preferences appear: http://postimage.org/image/csmqdy9tx/ . Am I missing something?


        Additionally, Sunday or Monday still wouldn't be suitable for me, as my training week starts Saturday. So if the option to select between these two days is already available, it would be great if it can be extended to any day of the week.


        Thanks again.

          It's in "Locale Settings", not "Log Preferences".

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            Yes CliveF, thank you. This is the behavior I was looking for, but for any other day of the week rather than just Sunday or Monday.

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              Yes CliveF, thank you. This is the behavior I was looking for, but for any other day of the week rather than just Sunday or Monday.


              Unforutnately, the system is currently only designed for those two days as a start date, though I agree that other days might be helpful for some.


              My coach writes my plans on a Sunday start date, but for a long time I had my RA data on a Monday start date because that's how my brain works.


              But I got tired of seeing different numbers on the site from those on my plan, and switched. 


              Eric : ) , is it possible to add this to the feature request list?

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                I looked into it briefly and most of the site doesn't have a problem with an arbitrary first day of the week.  The only problematic component is the training plan because it has a date range (beginning and ending dates of the plan).  It is used to calculate the number of weeks in the plan, which is also used in the creation of the calendars.  I'll have to look more into it.


                  Sounds promising Smile 


                  Thanks Eric and the others!