Problem uploading from Forerunner 305 (Read 486 times)

    Am trying to upload a couple days worth of data into my log.  When I click 'Upload GPS Data' (from the Training Log tab) I get the "Searching for connected GPS device(s)" message while the circular spinner just spins until I either kill the page or Chrome comes back with the non-responsive page message.  I have never seen this problem before.  I've tried this many times today and the farthest I have gotten is that RA did recognize the device and my two workouts and brought them up but I cannot save them.  Page hangs when I try to save either of them.

    I'm using Chrome 9.0.597.107 and Windows 7.


    I tried a soft reset on the Garmin

    Tried Internet Explorer - same behavior

    Garmin's TC software works just fine communicating with and uploading the data.


    This leads me to believe that there is something broken on RA.

      I have constant constant constant problems with my 305 and Chrome/Win7 uploads to RA.  It will work for a couple of days, but then stop working.  Sometimes it fails to find a connected device, but more often it finds it, starts to upload the data, but then stops midway and says I should try resetting my Garmin.  I then try various iterations of resetting the Garmin, restarting the computer, and/or reinstalling the driver software.  No one method works consistently; sometimes it takes all three; sometimes it still fails to work after I've done all three, but then it works the next day, even with nothing else tried.  About once a month it blue screens with an error pointing to the Garmin software.   It is all a mystery to me.  I have become superstitious about not looking at the percent complete while it uploads my workout.  


      I'm sometimes not sure why I keep trying.   I think because I have assumed that it is somehow related to the age of my 305 (although its internal software is up to date), the Garmin software (although it's the most recent version - as it ought to be with the number of times I have reinstalled it), the cradle, a bad USB connection . . . .  And, it works better than it did on my old XP laptop, where I used to run it. 


      Sorry to jump in Ken, but I will be watching this thread for ideas. 

        Well, lo and behold, I get home from work and it works flawlessly.  I wonder if there's something up with my computer at work. I have not changed anything on my computer there and it has always worked in the past.  My version of Chrome on my home PC is 17.0.963.56 m (latest update) running XP while Chrome on my work computer is way out of date.  Not sure that has anything to do with what I experienced earlier today.


        Anne, my 305 is about 3-4years old and I've had almost no trouble in that time uploading my runs using Chrome.  I used to have some of the problems you report but found that if I upload my data within a couple of days and then clear the 305's data it works almost perfectly.  

        For some reason those problems you described are 'worse'  when there's lots of data to upload.

          This is not an RA problem.  The reason TC doesn't have this problem is TC connects to your GPS directly.  RA connects to your GPS using the Garmin Communicator.  If the Garmin Communicator misbehaves, then your browser will hang.  There's nothing in RA that can crash or hang your browser.


          It seems Chrome has the most problem with the Garmin plugin, although it's rare that all browsers on the same machine exhibiting the same problem.  While the page is trying to detect your GPS, is anything on the page responsive?  Are you able to click on the black triangle on the status bar and expand the GPS debug console?  If you can, could you send me a message from there so I can see where it is stuck on?


          Some other things you can try:

          - reboot your computer (many users reported that rebooting fixes the problem)

          - reinstall the Communicator plugin

            Thanks for the response, Eric.  

            No, can't click on the black triangle or anything else.  It just spins until I close it or that particular tab crashes (just that tab not the entire browser).  I should have tried rebooting my PC.  If I have that trouble tomorrow I will reboot and/or reinstall Communicator.

              Just to update you Eric ...


              Tried again this morning and had the same behavior.


              * Reboot of PC did not fix the problem.

              * Re-install of Communicator fixed the problem.  Doing this also installed an upgrade (now running but I think it was the re-install that did the trick as the version I had worked fine for a very long time (until yesterday).  Both Chrome and IE detect and upload now.