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    Any of you who use an elliptical at home, would you mind sharing the brand and the pros and cons?  I'd like to find a good used one, but know next to nothing about them.  Am thinking about letting local health clubs know I would be interested in purchasing one that's met it's maximum health club life.  There's a Horizon RE 7.6 for sale in my area for $125.  Don't know anything about the brand.


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      Is it just me or do elliptical motion feel totally irregular?


      I've adjusted all the options when I tried it out...


      Is it that hard to create an elliptical or other machine that does the same thing but actually recreates your real running motion?

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        Nothing really recreates running motion unless you are on pool running or on a zero gravity treadmill. If cross training, I feel the stepper, StairMaster or whatever brand gives you most bang for the buck. I am not a fan of ellipticals unless I just want to move my body to help with recovery. I rarely get my HR over 110 even if going crazy on the machine or putting tension so high my quads fatigue out. The only thing worse is recumbent bike. On a stepper, you are fighting against gravity and this makes such a huge difference for maintaining fitness or improving fitness or getting HR up to similar to running. I would consider it the ideal cross training if one cannot run or wants to mix in other forms of aerobic exercise. At my gym, rarely do people use steppers. You know why??.....they are too much work.

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          I like the Cybex Arc Trainer at my gym very much. It can morph between a stepping motion and a cross country skiing motion with varied resistance.


          They are, however, hideously expensive new.