Weight Loss while running (very overweight) (Read 194 times)


    Good point David.


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      Lots of lean protein, and fresh veggies.

      Pushups, planks, and squats......and don't forget to stretch carefully often.  Protect those joints and tendons.    Good job on that half marathon!  Smile


      +1.   And remember, the  longer it takes to lose the weight, the better chance of keeping it off.     Nice half!!!

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        Lost 93 pounds running and watching diet in 2013.  I used myfitnesspal.com to educate myself and make better nutrition choices.


        Since losing the weight, I ran 2 marathons in the fall of 2013, and have so far ran 3 marathons this spring.


        My 2 cents: It takes both exercise & diet. Good Luck.

        Philippians 4:13.