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    I recently returned to running after a long time away.  I always just ran in old gym shorts a T shirt.  This time I bought an inexpensive pair of actual running shorts and a shirt.  They are so light and slick they make me feel faster.  It is probably in my head, I am not faster, but I feel lighter and faster, and I enjoy that.  So I need more than one of each and I am shopping on line, and I am wondering if I should pay more for the more expensive shorts and shirts.


    Are the costlier ones better in some way (lighter, better wicking, etc) or just costlier?


    Are there certain brands that are more popular than the rest?

      You are excited about getting back in the flow. That is cool. Don't stress over your clothing. There is a lot of quality clothing available without paying an arm and a leg. Look for breathable and wicking and then purchase what is comfortable.....this is more important than brand, what I say or a friend says. Look for clearance items.....Road Runner Sports is a place to look.....clearance etc. OR, ask for gift cards for birthday or Christmas from Dick's, or other sports stores and then go try stuff on.

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        I have bought expensive stuff from Nike & Adidas, less expensive clothing from Target (C-9) but the best running shorts and shirts I keep going back to and use the most are from Old Navy and super cheap. I got the dry-fit Tee Shirts in black & white  from Old Navy over the summer for $9.99 and just wish I had bought more. They are listed on their website for $7.99 but very limited sizing.




          Yes, some brands are nicer than others.  Patagonia, Arc Terx, and The North Face, have all been good for me.  That said, I have some cheap race tee shirts that I run in just as often.  I also have some cheap race tee shirts that have gone straight to the donation bin.  If you are buying something in a store, feel the fabric.  You can often tell right away what is the cheap stuff.


            Thanks guys.  Just happen to have ads from Running Warehouse on this page with shorts on sale.  Sounds like a good place to start.


              TJ Maxx and 6pm.com can be a good place to look for deals, too.

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