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    I've had persistant pain in my right knee cap area for about a month now.


    I THINK the issue came when I banged my knee on my low coffee table (if it's a low table, my knees will be attracted to it always). I recall thinking "I bet in a week I'll have mysterious knee pain when I run now" and sure enough. That was about a month ago. Maybe a bit longer.


    I thought it would keep me from running the Watchung Marathon last week since its been really sore, but oddly that was the one day it was ok! Leading into that race weekend it was too sore to run an easy mile on my track. So I was very lucky come race day.


    Anyway, it's sore still and keeping me from any serious training. I would not be able to run the marathon if it was this weekend.


    My question: Who do I see about this? A doctor? A Physical Therapist? A Chiro?

    I don't think it is anything really serious, but it is very persistant and I want to fix it! Suggestions?

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      I had great luck with a PT and gait analysis for me knee pain. The cure was loosening and strengthening my hips, strengthening my core, and changing my arm position a bit. 


      You often need a physician's referral to get PT so you may need to start with an Orthopedic surgeon/ doc. first. They will most likely do xrays too just to make sure everything is is in place.


      Best of luck!


        I went to a PT for my knee pain and he fixed me right up with strengthening and stretches, but mine was due to a muscle imbalance. (weak hips and glutes)  Since you think yours might be a result of whacking it on the coffee table, I might start with an ortho.  Good luck!  Sore knees are NO fun! 

          ... whacking it on the coffee table,

          Yeah, that's a bad idea on so many levels.

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            Well, just to check back in, the knee is getting better, thanks to the kinesio tape. 


            My PT friend/running buddy brought her tape to my place over the weekend, taped my knee, and then we did a solid 11 mile run on trails and roads.  It felt great and I was able to do the whole run without pain.  The next day, the ache was very minimal and I ran another 10 miles with her.  This time I taped it myself (she let me with the role of tape specifically for this).  Still great.


            I taped it and did 10 miles last night in Central Park and virtually no knee pain today.  


            Before the tape, it would really ache on a run and the next day be really sore.   It's the blue tape, btw.  I noticed there are different colors, not sure if that signifies anything. 


            Basically, the tape is "pulling" the kneecap slightly to the outer side of the knee.   I'll be working on aductor (sp?) exercises to strength the muscles she thinks are the cause of the ache so I can be tape free in the near future. 

            HTFU?  Why not!

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              Might I suggest rest and recovery for a few weeks? Works wonders. Cool

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